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Sinopsis Arwah Tumbal Nyai: Arwah, Kolaborasi Tiga Pedangdut di Film Horor

Like not wanting to give up, RA Pictures wants to continue to prove that they are one of the production houses that diligently produce new films every month. This time the horror genre film from the production house led by Raffi Ahmad will be aired in theaters in September.
Entitled Arche Tumbal Nyai: Arwah, what is the story of a horror film that combines these three dangdut singers? The following is a short story or synopsis of the film The Soul of the Sacrifice of Nyai: Arwah.

Sinopsis Arwah Tumbal Nyai
Syukraini was curious about stabbing the blankets and blank tapes he found. Not to mention, he had the desire to learn to dance Jaipong. However, it is always opposed by her grandmother. Syukriani tried to find out what was wrong with not being allowed to dance Jaipong.

One time Syukriani tried to come to Nyi Imas to study Jaipong. However, a small mistake made Syukriani's intention to learn Jaipong dance fall apart.

The death of her grandmother and the mystery of the disappearance of the jaipong dancer continued to haunt Syukraini. What is the relationship between Syukriani and jaipong and the mistakes he has made? Is this really a curse related to mysticism?

I don't know what the production house meant to prepare this film trilogy. However, what should be noted is from the title of the film, which mentions three characters. Spirit, sacrifice and Nyai each will be from the core of the film story.

For the first, the story of the Sacred Soul of Nyai: The spirit will show about the mystery of the Jaipong dance. The film also involves three Indonesian Zaskia Gotik, Dewi Persik, and Ayu Ting Ting as the main cast. If you have seen the film trailer for the Sacred Spirit of Nyai: Arwah, Zazkia Gotik is lined up as the main character.

The plan, in the next two films, will also take the title of the film that is not much different. It's just that the main character might change to one of the characters.

In addition, seen also Dewi Persik appeared in a scene. The film is planned to be released on September 27, 2018.

Trailer Arwah Tumbal Nyai

Sinopsis Film Baco Becce (2018)


Baco (Syukri Al Gazali) tried to fulfill his father's will to find his mother named Becce. But he only armed with a photo of his mother who only saw his feet. In his journey he became acquainted with thugs, thieves, shamans who all became one team in search of his mother.

Next there is a comedy film directed by Rere Art2tonic. Baco Becce told the story of Baco who tried to fulfill his father's will before he died to find his mother named "Becce" with a picture of his foot.

Trailer Film Baco Becce

Sinopsis Film Sakral 2018

After a week earlier, MD Pictures' movie Whisper Devil tried to haunt the public with its horror terror, this week, the latest horror film from MD Pictures will be released soon. Sacred, the film tries to show a classic horror story that attracts the attention of the audience.

What is the story or synopsis of the Sacred movie like?

Sinopsis Film Sakral

Birthdays should be celebrated happily. However, this does not happen to Flora (Makayla Rose). The loss of her twin in the age of a child became a disaster for her mother.

Flora grows into unnatural children. He prefers to be alone and play with his "friends of imagination".

Petaka began to come when Melina's mother (Olla Ramlan) began to be in mysterious terror. One by one, people who are close to him experience a mysterious death.

While Flora's father, Daniel (Teuku Zacky), who tried to bring this event to the real world, was not able to deal with strange and mysterious things. Daniel was even more threatened, because the mysterious air always followed him.

Daniel's curiosity was not paid out completely. The greater the sense of yearning, the more threatened it is to have the life of his family. What mystery did Daniel try to break down?

Is it true that the mystery of twins who have died turns out to be alive? Everything you can find in the Sacred movie that will be aired in theaters on September 20 2018.

First Horror Olla Ramlan
One of the main characters in the Sacred film was entrusted to Olla Ramlan. For Olla, Sakral was the first horror film he ever starred in. Previously, Olla Ramlan had played in a comedy film titled Husband-husband Takut Istri The Movie.

Meanwhile, for Teuku Zacky, this can also be referred to as his first story in a horror film. Teuku Zacky previously played in drama films such as Obama's Menteng child and one of the Malaysian films entitled Kayangan.

Intrigued by acting both playing horror movies? I'm ready, because Sacred will be airing in theaters on September 20, 2018.

Trailer Film Sakral 2018

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Sinopsis Film Belok Kanan Barcelona 2018

What does a meeting mean after a long time and distance apart? Ngoborol on the WhatsApp group? Or plan to break the fast together? Cliché things that often happen and think for those of you who have close friends or close friends in real life.

The same story will also occur in Barcelona's Right Turn film. Adapted from the best-selling novel by four authors, Adhitya Mulya, Ninit Yunita, Alaya Setya, Iman Hidajat in 2007 will now be present in Indonesian theaters.

What is the story or synopsis of Barcelona Turn Right? Does it have a story that is more or less the same as the novel?

Sinopsis Film Belok Kanan Barcelona

Francis (Morgan Oey) plays longing notes through his piano. Farah (Anggika Bolsterli) is busy designing a building design in Vietnam. Retno (Mikha Tambayong) continues her hobby of cooking in Denmark, and Ucup (Deva Mahenra) who is pursuing her fantastic career in South Africa.

Four old friends who have been very close since school. Must separate to continue each other's future. Distance and time, do not eliminate their good times in the past.

These four people are still often friendly. Even always giving the latest news about their lives. However, friendship harbored a taste. A sense that is never honest and not revealed from the past.

The feeling that makes these four people travel for a pleasant journey while finding and determining love stories that never disappear. Turn Right Barcelona is about the mind, love and the story of four people who are starting their journey of life.

Best-selling novel adaptations
In 2007, four writers Adhitya Mulya, Ninit Yunita, Alaya Setya, Iman Hidajat created their own characters in a book. Francis, Retno, Ucup and Farah are the characters they created and then presented in a best-selling novel entitled "Turn Right Barcelona".

Adhitya Mulya, as one of the novel writers, admitted that he had joked that the novel B "Beautiful Right of Barcelona" would not be possible to be filmed. However, this joke does not come true.

Novel stories that are interesting and selling well through each character makes Travelers' Tale Turn Right Barcelona retold through a film story.

If the novel is able to hypnotize the reader, what about the film's story? Turn Right Barcelona will be aired in theaters on September 20, 2018. For those of you who don't want to miss watching stories about dreams, love and stories about four people who started their life journey, be sure to watch the movies in theaters on September 20, 2018.

Trailer Film Belok Kanan Barcelona

Sinopsis Film Gila Lu Ndro !! 2018

This week, the Indonesian cinema screen will soon be filled by one of Indonesia's comedy films. For generations born in the '70s to' 90s, they are already familiar with the word "Crazy Lu Ndro!" A word often spoken by the late Casino, one of the legendary comedians when he appears on one screen with his two best friends, the late Dono and Indro.

Success with these typical chirps, Crazy Lu Ndro! adapted into a story film. Like the storyline and synopsis of the movie Crazy Lu Ndro! Here's the description.

Sinopsis Film Gila Lu Ndro

A shocking meeting took place when Indro (Tora Sudiro) who was engaged in seeing irregularities. He met with an alien figure who claimed to be often called "Al". As if he didn't believe what he saw, Indro was quite panicked at the beginning.

One of them is because the figure of "Al" is not like other earth creatures. Crazy acquaintances that actually brought jealousy from Indro's wife. The wife thought Indro was with her new boyfriend. The clumsy Indro tells that he met a strange creature named Al.

Unfortunately, the wife does not believe what Indro revealed. Then, who is this figure of Al? What is the purpose of coming to earth? Is it true that his residence is now full of chaos? Why did he choose Indro as his new friend?

Warkop said
A typical Warkop DKI statement when Dono or Casino commented on Indro's behavior, "Crazy Lu Ndro!" Was very familiar. Even because of the legendary chirping, some millennial children often repeatedly express the word while referring to the wonder expression.

If you have seen the trailer, there will be some dialogues that are quite humorous describing the role of each character. In addition, this film will also be called a satirical comedy story. Some of them have been seen when "Al" tried to bribe a police officer.

This film is like reminding the audience with the legendary warkop performance of Warkop DKI. Both when on stage, in films to television, Dono, Indro and Kasino always provide powerful comedy with a satirical style of satirizing the social conditions of the people at that time.

Stories from the movie Gila Lu Ndro! can also be referred to as an extension of the story of the previous Warkop DKI movie, which tried to retell the story of Dono, Casino and Indro in a new face. Although no one can replace the figure of these three legends, but this can be a new fresh air for you to enjoy Indonesian films.

Moreover, Tora Sudiro who plays Indro is not required to become an Indro character like the two born-again Warkop films.

Behind the scenes
Crazy Movie Lu Ndro! starring several actors and actresses such as Tora Sudiro, Indro Warkop, Mieke Amalia, to Adhiyat. Not enough to get there, some of Indonesia's leading comics like Arie Kriting were also involved in this film.

To be behind the screen, there are names like director Herwin Novianto. Even the name of Upi Avianto was also called involved as the writer of this film. What is the story like? Indonesia's latest comedy film will air on September 13, 2018.

Trailer Film Gila Lu Ndro 2018

Sinopsis Film Bisikan Iblis 2018

As usual, every month Indonesian cinemas are not empty of the presence of Indonesian horror films. The latest, the film titled Whisper of the Devil will air this week in Indonesian cinemas. As usual, every month Indonesian cinemas are not empty of the presence of Indonesian horror films. The latest, the film titled Whisper of the Devil will air this week in Indonesian cinemas.

Like what is the synopsis of the movie Devil Whisper produced by MD Pictures? Here's the description.

Sinopsis Film Bisikan Iblis

Being a superior school, not not separated from the dark record. Every school year, there will always be a mysterious death in these schoolgirls.

Nany (Amanda Manopo) is one of them. Especially when he saw his mother killed himself, he was killed by a creature named "Black Devil". Until finally, when Nany had grown up. He wants to go to school in this mysterious place. Here he meets many new people. Shila (Rebecca Klopper) who later became a close friend, to rival in school namely Hilda (Nicole Parham) and Violet (Andira Hadley).

There is still Mrs. Emil (Ayu Dyah Pasha), headmaster and hard teacher Mr. Arnold (Gilbert Pattiruhu). No accident, this figure named "black devil" again appeared to haunt Nany, who was already a teenager. He often hear voices like "can" which disrupt him. Things that repeat the trauma of his past come true. Considering the pain of the death of the mother who died in the hands of a figure of "black devil".

Is this Devil really real? Or just trauma and hallucinations of Nany? Find the answer to the mystery through Nany Gie (Zoe Jackson) and Shila who try to get through the "whisper" terror in the cinema this September 2018.

Show schedule
The Devil Whisper Movie is planned to air on September 13, 2018. Want to see firsthand the horror of this film?

Trailer Film Bisikan Iblis

Sinopsis Film Jejak Cinta

For you fans of drama movies, on September 6, 2018, one of the stories titled Jejak Cinta will soon be aired in Indonesian theaters.

The film produced by director Tarmizi Abka has its own uniqueness because it will take the background of Singkawang City, West Kalimantan as part of the story. Then, what about the storyline or the synopsis of the film Jejak Cinta?

Sinopsis  Jejak Cinta

Maryana has a dark story from her childhood. After growing up, Maryana was successful with her work as a designer, traveling to Singkawang. There, he met his childhood friend Vienna (Zora Vidyanata).

In addition to remembering his childhood and conducting research in the Singkawang area, Maryana was fascinated by the figure of a man named Hasan (Baim Wong). When the warmth of romance between Hasan and Maryana was being held, various obstacles began to confront.

The factor is Sarah (Della Wulan Astreani), Hasan's childhood friend. Sarah's family suffered a severe problem so that inevitably made Hasan feel that he had a debt to Sarah. Then, what is the relationship between Maryana and Hasan? Can they maintain their love story?

What past was buried by Maryam? Then, what kind of debt does Hasan have to pay to Sarah?

Cast Jejak Cinta

Some famous actors and actresses have gotten quite a big role in the film Jejak Cinta. Apart from starring Baim Wong and Prisia Nasution, there is still the name Zora Vidyanata, Mathias Muchus, Hasan Karman (until Emma Febry.

In addition to expressing the love drama, this film will also feature several other interesting sides of the city of Singkawang. Like city planning and many amazing tourist attractions. In addition, Jejak Cinta also added a story about women's concern for cervical cancer.

For those of you who want to watch the movie, don't forget, the Love Trail will air in theaters on September 6, 2018 in theate

Trailer Jejak Cinta

Film Udah Putusin Aja !!

The first Indonesian film to be aired in the first week of September 2018. Already Drop it! A drama film adapted from a novel by Felix Siauw. Rolly Subhandani's film tells about Amanda high school children who are reluctant to go to the pesantren kilat but still have to go there.

It was delayed because it was considered controversial, finally the film entitled Udah Putusin Aja! will be released soon in theaters.

This film is called controversial because it is an adaptation of Felix Siauw's novel that often makes controversial statements and provokes through social media.

Apart from the "good" novel, how did the story of Udah Putusin Aja! Here is the synopsis

Sinopsis Udah putusin Aja!

The story begins with a teenager named Faraz who is in a good family environment, but is suspected of being pregnant out of wedlock. Various skeptic thoughts crossed the minds of his friends, including Amanda, his schoolmate who considered Faraz a hypocrite.

This unproven suspicion made Amanda curious why the school had not released Faraz from school. Especially before, there were other students who were also pregnant, but were immediately issued by the school.

Moreover, when he was dating another guy, his parents asked Faraz to study at the pesantren. Then, how is Amanda and Fariz's friendship really? What about Amanda's love story and her lover?

Is it really necessary to say "Just Drop it!"

Novel Adaptation

For those of you who have read the book "Already broke Aja" surely already know at least the story that will be displayed in the film. Really, in this film there is not a single scene touching?

One more thing to note, some films adapted from novels usually go bad. But what about just dropping it off!

Show schedule
The movie has already been dropped! planned to be released on September 6, 2018. Are you interested in the film?

Trailer Film Udah Putusin Aja !!