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Review - Film Bikini Avengers - BIKINI SUPER HEROES

Bikini Avengers is a comedy Holyywood genre film released in 2015 ago. The film was written and directed by film director named Dean Mckendrick. The film is produced by Sam Silver.

As for the cast of the cast who play a role, such as Erika Jordan role as Lori, Jacqui Holland acts as Stephanie, Sarah Hunter role as Jade Empress, Beverly Lynne role as Brushka, Cassandra Cruz role as Handmaiden, Nick Manning role as RJ Ralston, Eric Masterson plays Carl, and JP Knight acts as Dave (as JP Knight).

Bikini Avengers film is produced and produced by Film Production House Retromedia Entertainment, and the film has been released on February 24, 2015 (USA), with a length of about 1 hour 21 minutes.

Synopsis Film Bikini Avengers

The Bikini Avengers film will tell about the Empress Jade, who came out to steal a diamond to construct a dangerous sci-fi weapon, and to gain power and also an evil plot to rule the world.

And only Bikini Avenger and also Thong Girl can save. Will our superheroes be able to thwart Jade Empress's evil plans to control the diamond-powered laser, and conjure up their girlfriends and their work as a crime reporter.

Detail Film Bikini Avengers

Movie Genre: Comedy
Film Director: Dean Mckendrick
Screenplay Author: Dean Mckendrick
Film Producer: Sam Silver
Film Production House: Retromedia Entertainment
Film Distributor: -
Box Office Budget: -
Film Release Date: February 24, 2015
Movie Duration: 81 Minutes
Country of Origin Film: USA
Film Language: English

Bikini Avengers (Cast) Movie Players
Erika Jordan plays Lori
Jacqui Holland acts as Stephanie
Sarah Hunter plays Jade Empress
Beverly Lynne plays Brushka
Cassandra Cruz acts as Handmaiden
Nick Manning plays RJ Ralston
Eric Masterson plays Carl
J.P. Knight acts as Dave (as JP Knight)

superhero bikini footage played by Erika Jordan

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