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Film HALUSINASI [ 4 Juni 2015 di Bioskop ]

Film HALUSINASI  [ 4 Juni 2015 di Bioskop ]

Synopsis (Plot)

"Hallucinations" is a horror film directed by Boy Rano. Boy this is the second film after "Pokun Roxy".

This film will be starring Annisa Nabila (aka Nabel Mahadewi), Dea Ananda, and Julian Kunto.

The plot revolves around a woman who will be haunted by hallucinations.

Here's the official plot:

The desire Lisna, 19 years, to try his luck and fortune in Jakarta into a stressful journey and night because all along the trip he met with strange occurrences and creepy figures.

Arriving at the apartment of his brother, Hani, Lisna was again greeted by events no less tense. There, Lisna witnessed a friend of Hani who was possessed. Shortly after the incident, Hani Lisna cs then left alone in the apartment. Strange things then returned to attack Lisna. Shortly after the Lisna eat and lay down, suddenly all new sinister characters he met along the way appear and haunt Lisna in that apartment.

What really happened? Is it just a hallucination or reality?

The film is scheduled to appear in theaters starting June 4, 2015.

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