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Film Unfriended (2014)

Film Unfriended (2014)

Details unfriended Film (2014)

Genre: Horror, Thileer
Director: Levan Gabriadze
Author: Nelson Greaves
Players Film: Shelley Henig
                        Renee Olstead
                        Will Peltz
                        Jacob Wysocki
                        Matthew Bohrer
                        Heather Sossaman
Country: USA
Movie Release: 17 April 2015

Film Synopsis unfriended (2014)

Unfriended or Cybernatural movie tells the story of six friends who are playing online chat is a Skype video call together. However, mysteriously and make all surprised they get the message on one of their classmates girl who committed suicide

At one year ago. the companions were initially thought it was just a joke by someone ignorant to send the message. However, the girl telanh rahasa reveal secrets between them all. So they realized that they were facing the unseen things that smell. Not only that, something that terrorized sahaat it wants them dead.

Unfriended Movie Trailer (2014)

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