Thursday, June 11, 2015

Film Conjuring Spirit (2015)

Film Conjuring Spirit (2015)

Film Conjuring Spirit (2015) tells the story of the events that he experienced Lan in a aparteman, after he was divorced with suamia, Lan with his son he moved into an old apartment is not inhabited by people, at first lan disregard such apartments, because according to rumors often strange thing in the apartment.

After a time lan began to wonder about the strange occurrences of events that happened to him when occupying the fire extinguishers friend, he along with his friend named Vu began investigating her apartment tersebut.Akhirnya piecemeal and Vu Lan began to find a clue, that are often terrorized Lan namely spirits a woman who died while still mengandung.Film Conjuring Spirit is already yesterday's release on April 9

Detail Film Conjuring Spirit (2015)

Genre : Horror
Sutradara : Van M. Pham
Pemain Film :
Phuong Mai
Quang Su
Hoang Phuc
Chi Pu, Hoai An
La Thien Cam

Negara : Vietnam
Film Release : 9 April  2015

Trailer Film Conjuring Spirit (2015)

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