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Gangster Film, Game, Love, and Family

Gangster Film, Game, Love, and Family

Gangster Films search profiled a young man who was dragged into violent world capital. - Genre game started to pick up again in the Indonesian film industry in recent years. Servia production houses and film maker Nugros Dawn did not want to miss the release Gangster films this year. Departing from arable scenario Prananto Honestly, Gangster appeared as a film about the world of thugs with a touch of action, drama, and comedy.
Jamroni (Hamish David) grew at a village in Yogyakarta and is known fond of fighting. However, when his father was dying, he found out that he was not the biological child of parents who he had known all along. Knowing that, Jamroni desperate to go to Jakarta to seek identity, while finding his childhood friend, Sari (Eriska Rein) who have long moved to Jakarta.
Until in Jakarta, Jamroni directly trapped in an unpleasant situation. He was immediately confronted by a group of thugs in the market and raised a fuss. Until finally, he brought in the problems of a young woman, retta (Nina Kozok), which hired him to be his personal bodyguard, to protect him from the bad guys are after him.

Retta itself apparently ran away from his father, a member of Parliament at the same time powerful thug named Hastomo (Agus Kuncoro), who want to match retta with the sister of his rival, Amsar (DWI SASONO). Not only the targeted retta, Jamroni became the target of a bouncer who regard it as a barrier rented their plans. Meanwhile, blurring retta also make Hastomo and Amsar relationships become strained and begin to lead to confrontation. Can Jamroni survive and find what she was looking for in the middle of this complicated situation?
With emphasis on the portion of the game, the film Gangster became the first good action movie genre for Servia and for Dawn as a director. Recognized by both parties that the project is influenced by the success of their cooperation in Bajaj Bajuri the Movie (2014), a comedy which began to incorporate elements of action-although not dominating. Since then, the project Gangster began work and eventually produced this year.

"This film is a work that is dedicated to fans of Indonesian film," said producer Chand Parwez Servia, during a press conference in Jakarta August 25 yesterday. "Because of this movie in my opinion is the new ingredients. I realized that before Servia more often presenting drama and comedy. After Bajaj Bajuri, I told Nugros, I want to create something new, no drama, no comedy, but there is also action. Because action is also something that can be enjoyed, "he continued.

Although giving portion more on action-with almost every main character gets a fight scene, Dawn director keeps underlining that this film is about the search for identity. "Men are synonymous with adventurous spirit, with violence, hence sometimes the world expect the man to face the cruel world. The film is about that, about how a man to fight and survive in the wilderness Jakarta hard just to find identity, looking for love, "Dawn said in a statement.

Filmed around Yogyakarta and Jakarta, the film Gangster also recruited many famous names to play a role in this film. Call it Yayan Ruhian, Ganindra Bimo, Kelly Tandiono, Andrea Ben, to the comeback of Dominique Sanda. Shown are also some famous faces such as Dian Sastrowardoyo, Dede Yusuf, Lukman Sardi, Moammar Emka, up comedian Nur Akbar Insan, McDanny, MoSidik, and Salah Solihun.

Gangster films can already be seen in theaters nationwide from 27 August 2015. Check out the trailer below.

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