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Aku Ingin Ibu Pulang (2016)

Film Uptodate - Film "I Want You Home Mom" 2016 is the latest Indonesian drama film filled with nuance sad story. This film is a beautiful result of arable director Monty Tiwa. Several artists contributed to the big screen was Turul star in, among others: Jefan Nathanio, Nirina Zubir, Teuku Rifnu Wikana, Geccha Tavvara, Nova Eliza, Desta, Mario Irwinsyah, Verdi Solaiman and Andy F. Noya. Maxima Pictures that
producing the film I Want Mom Round will begin releasing in theaters late 2016.

Film Synopsis Mom I Want You Home (2016)
"Mom I Want You Home" tells the story of a simple and happy family. The family consists of a handsome boy named Thumb (Jefan Nathanio). The thumb has two parents who doted on her. namely Good (Teuko Rifnu Wikana) and his mother was Satri (Nirina Zubir).
But such happiness should tersusik thumb when his father suffered an accident at work. Knowing the incident the mother confused to find the money to pay for treatment of her husband, she was willing to steal money at work.
Thumbs know the behavior of the mother who was willing to steal money to pay for his father, he was angry with his mother. Pupils quarrel between the thumb and the resulting departure of students of home.And since that time have to care for her father Thumb sendirian.Hingga one when there is a race, and Thumb been able to win it. From the kemenagannya him on call to perform at a television station by Andy F. Noya. In the event. He expressed the desire that his mother back home. Kah Satri will want to come back to meet the children and her husband?
Movie Review Round Mother I Want (2016)
The harshness of life in this world often makes a person can not think clearly, and calm .It makes appear some pretty inspired the director to make a Monty Tiwa latest Indonesian movie, titled "I Want Mom Round".
In the trailer has been released on youtube tell how the Thumb character who is in the talk show "Kick Andy". The emcee was curious on the presence of Thumb. Turns Thumbs intentionally to get to the event a strong reason that want to find the mother who has long gone away, Ratri (Nirina Zubir).
In the video footage are also profiled on Thumb family past that simple, but with the simplicity of a family Thumb still feel happy. But the husband's accident Ratri (Teuku Rifnu Wikana) makes Thumb family life changed. By seeking medical fund, Ratri even dare to steal the money in his office.
Besides Nirina, "Mom I Want You Home" also starring Nova Eliza and Mario Irwinsyah. Unfortunately, until now the production team are still reluctant to disclose details and a synopsis of the film release schedule.
Details Cast and Crew Movie Mom I Want You Home (2016)
Genre: DramaDirector: Monty TiwaAuthor: -Actor :Stars: Jefan NathanioNirina ZubirTeuku Rifnu WikanaGeccha TavvaraNova ElizaDestaMario IrwinsyahVerdi SolaimanAndy F. Noya
Production: Maxima PicturesRelease Date: September 1, 2016Length Film - Minutes
Film Trailer Mother I Want You Home (2016)

Film Trailer Mother I Want You Home (2016)

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