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Review London Love Story (2016)

Poster  London Love Story (2016)
Film Uptodate - London Love Story 2016 movie about a Dave (Dimas anggara), Dave was one of the students who jomlo or tidk able to cover the void in his heart, after being abandoned by the only woman he loves.

women who disappeared from his life precisely when Dave wanted to make love last. One day when returning from a birthday party, he met a girl who attempted suicide is Adelle (Adila Fitri), Dave tried to convince what is done in vain. Initial meeting was helping it make a girl fall in love in just two days, from dave very good attitude.
While Caramel (Michelle Ziudith) routine fuss with his mother about the letter - a letter that came to her mother's house and sent them to Caramel while Caramel do not want to open the wound length by listening to the letter as well as in when the same Bima (Dion Wiyoko) actually trying to pursue love Caramel , Caramel has not believed in the love, the routine of reason to look at the guy, let alone the Milky mention if he fell in love with caramel. Increasingly Caramel reject, Bima continue curious.
What make Caramel unable to open his heart to Bima. Does he still love the guy who was there in his life. Caramel or do not want to fall in love again? Finally, fate brings four of them with a different tutorial. The meeting was once answered all the questions that exist between Dave, Caramel, Adelle and Bima. Actually what their correlation with one another? On the one when unbeknownst to them, it is precisely the fate shows the answer was surprising and unlock secrets buried while one more year.
London Love Story Movie Review (2016)
Now msayarakat homeland will digebrakanb with the presence of the latest movies that are present in the country. It seems not much different from the previous films are the romantic genre. In the latest filmn titled London Love Story will feature some well-known artists such as Michelle Ziudith, and dimas budgets. Has previously been aired in a film genre Drama Roamntis Jakarta Love Story, is now emerging London Love Story. According to the latest news circulating, Michelle and Dimas will again be paired in a movie. It is known from the writer of the film, Tisa TS. Through personal instagram upload poster Tisa edits the next film project he handled, which revealed that the pair snagat fit in studying the role of a lover.
Synopsis and Cast List Latest Film London Love Story Dimas Anggara and Michele Ziudith London again collaborated in the film Love Story. Produced by the production house Screenplay Screenplay Films, the film also dealt leh director and writer of the film Magic Hour. No doubt the action that can captivate fans believed would break the market. With the presence of this film, expected to be received well by the people of the country. Besides touching story really, supported by famous actors Dimas paara budgets. Guaranteed going nyesel for you who do not watch. This time London Love Story movie will be interesting not only elements of the story, but also loksi more diverse. Location shooting will be done in Bali and London.
This movie posters London Love Story also describe the warmth of love between Dimas Anggara and Michelle Ziudith. They both hugged tightly with a background picture of the city of London. The film is ready to hit theaters February 4, 2016.
Detailed London Film Love Story (2016)
Genre: DramaProducer: Sukhdev Singh, Wicky V. OlindoDirector: Asep KusdinarAuthor: Sukhdev Singh, Tisa Ts
List Pemin London Film Love Story (2016)
Michelle ZiudithDimas AnggaraAdila Fitri
Production: Films ScreenplayRelease Date: February 4, 2016

Trailer Film London Love Story (2016)

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