Monday, November 7, 2016

Terpana (2016)

The film "Dazed" This is a film from Indonesia-Romance Drama genre that will be directed by Richard Oh, who also serves as a producer on the film along Frederica.

The film "Dazed" will be starring actors and top artists such Fachry Albar, raline shah, Reza Rahadian and Poppy Sofia. This film will be shaded by the production house Metaphor Pictures and will be aired on TBA 2016 (Indonesia).

Film Synopsis Stunned (2016)

The film "Dazed" This will tell the story of meeting Adaline (raline shah) and Rafian (Fahry Albar) is a miracle and opportunities in an incident ganjil.Fahry Albar will act as village men and raline shah is a city girl.

In this film Adaline (raline shah), He is a career woman who miss hometown in Sumatera. When returning home he met a man named Rafian (Fachry Albar) and the man melt her heart.

The movie will be filmed in North Sumatra in places that could spoil the eye with the beauty of the landscape. The process has been running for a month and this film has a very romantic story line.

Stunned movie is a drama movie directed by and starring Richard Oh Fachry Albar, raline shah Reza Rahadian and, in addition to the names of the film is co-starring Poppy Sofia. The film is produced by production house Metaphor Pictures and will be aired on TBA 2016.

Details and Cast Film Dazed (2016)

Title: Stunned
Genre: Drama, Romance
Director: Richard Oh
Producer: Richard Oh, Frederica
Writers: Richard Oh
Houses poduksi: Metaphor Pictures
Air Date: TBA 2016 (Indonesia)
Indonesian country
Language Film: Indonesia
Fachry Albar
raline shah
Reza Rahadian
Poppy Sofia
Aghi Narottama
uwie Balfas

Film Trailler Stunned (2016)

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