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Underworld 5 : Next Generation (2016)

FIlm Uptodate | The film "Underworld 5: Next Generation" genre Action, horror movie singer is the latest hollywood Yang directed by Anna Foerster. The fifth movie Underworld series and the movie sequel Underworld That Aweking 2012.

Underworld 5: Next Generation singer will be starring By Kate Beckinsale And Theo James. And as a script writer Cory Goodman Was Alone and Kevin Grevioux. Singer movie scheduled to be released early ON Date October 21, 2016 in the United States.

Film Synopsis Underworld 5: Next Generation (2016)

The film "Underworld 5: Next Generation" will tell about the vampire vs. Lycan, where they found a new problem when Alexander Corvinus mencipatakn new species predicted half the offspring will be very strong.

Another character named Michael had recovered and tried to find Selena, her daughter. This new species is reported to be falling in love with Selena, before they jatug love Selena Hybrid birth to a child named Eve. The child they believe is the key to a feud between the vampires and the Lycan.

Riview Film Underworld 5: Next Generation (2016)

Film: Underworld 5: Next Generation will not be much different from previous wars melaan the vampire or vampire, but their strength will be growing along with cooperation between Selena with the Lycan which may reach agreement to destroy the vampire is a new kind. Underworld Movie 5 is unlikely to be the end of enmity between man and the inhabitants of the land, the next generation shows that there will be other types of Dracula.

It seems that the film will be an exciting spectacle. To cure the curiosity of the lovers of this movie, wait for the broadcast on October 21, 2016.

Cast and Crew Film Underworld 5: Next Generation (2016)

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Horror, Sequel
Producer: Anna Forester
Director: Anna Forester
Author: Corry Goodman, Kevin Grevioux
Release Date: 21 Oktobr 2016
Production House: Lakeshore Entertainment
Country: United States
Kate Beckinsale
Theo Pulver
Lar Pulver
Bradley James
Charles Dance

Movie Trailer Underworld 5: Next Generation

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