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Film From London To Bali (2017)

Film uptodate | From London To Bali is an Indonesian origin of the latest movie genre 2017 Drama, Romance and Comedy. This film is a directive of the director Angling Sagaran which also acts as a screenwriter in the film.

Film From London To Bali will be starring Ricky Harun, Jessica Mila, Nikita Willy, Gary Isaac, Fico Fachriza, Max Palmer, Kevin Julio and Ariel Tatum. While the production house Servia Plus will overshadow the film and plan views on TBA February 2017 (Indonesia).

Film Synopsis From London To Bali (2017)
Film From London To Bali this will tell you about a man named Lukman (played by Ricky Harun) was severely depressed after the departure of the goddess (played by Jessica Milla) who continue the study to London.

Lukman worked odd jobs to raise money in order to follow the Goddess to London. He ended up working in Bali with a friend named Cowboy (played by Gary Isaac). Lukman also introduced to a friend of his contemporaries named Bambang (Fico Fahcriza) and Sodikin (Muhadkly Acho).

Meanwhile In London Goddess friends with Suzan (played by Kimberly Ryder) acquainted with Sean (Max Palmer). Suzan language teaching Goddess London.

Work done by Lukman in Bali was very complicated, he also knows that the Goddess already has a Caucasian boyfriend. His acquaintance with Putu (played Nikita Milly) who opens hearts Lukman to stop working with the Cowboys.

But it was not easy because the Cowboys have a malicious intent to Lukman. While Goddard also finally realized viewed Sean's affair with Suzan, and soon Lukman from London to Bali.

Putu is also fond of Lukman faithfully cared for him. Then what Dewi reaction when knowing that Lukman also close to another woman? Lukman will kah choose Putu of the Goddess who has come back from London?

Watch serving more just in your favorite Movies on the TBA February 2017.

Trailler Film From London To Bali (2017)

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