Friday, December 30, 2016

Film Jones: Jomblo Ngenes (2017)

Film uptodate | Jones: Singles ngenes latest is a 2017 movie from Indonesia genre Drama, Romance and Comedy. The movie will be directed by Sridhar Jetty which also acts as a screenwriter.

Film Jones: Singles ngenes will be starring Jessica Mila, Kevin Julio, Fendy Chow, Rachmad Fiqri, Gofar Hilman and Aziz Prayer. While MVP Pictures production house would overshadow the film is scheduled to be aired on January 12, 2017 (Indonesia).

Jones Film Synopsis: ngenes Singles (2017)
Film Jones: Singles ngenes This will tell the story of singles called Noval (Kevin Julio), narrated He falls in love with a girl named Astika (Jessica Milla). although he likes and love to Astika No irritation, pain and sad every time they meet.

Feelings were mixed in Noval begins when the first met with Astika. Intention to help Atika, it turns Noval instead often exposed to ruse conducted by Astika own.

Astika has a cheerful nature and nyablak always ask Noval to do strange in a variety of ridiculous situations. Not only ashamed, Noval also often get tamparam of Astika.

Although often dikibulin and told to do strange things, but Noval never give up to continue approaching Astika, otherwise Noval will charm even more swayed from Astika and can not leave.

Noval eventually plans to express his feelings of love to Astika. Unexpectedly Astika advance even tell that his girlfriend Nico will return after 100 days disappeared.

Indeed, bad luck always descend Noval, he was delaying his desire to reveal the love of Astika. Until the Day of Nico back, Noval has not yet declared his feelings of love to Astika.

What kind of romantic and humorous stories Noval and Astika in this film? Noval will kah express his feelings of love to Astina? or Astina prefer Nico? Watch just have fun in your favorite movies on January 12, 2016 (Indonesia).

Detail Film Jones: Jomblo Ngenes (2017)
Judul : Jones: Jomblo Ngenes
Genre : Drama, Romantis dan Komedi
Sutradara : Sridhar Jetty
Produser : Raam Punjabi
Penulis Skenario : Sridhar Jetty
Rumah Produksi : MVP Pictures
Tanggal Rilis : 12 Januari 2017 (Indonesia)
Negara : Indonesia
Bahasa Film : Indonesia

Pemain Film Jones: Jomblo Ngenes (2017)

  • Jessica Mila
  • Kevin Julio
  • Fendy Chow
  • Tengku Dewi
  • Rachmad Fiqri
  • Gofar Hilman
  • Aziz Doa

Trailler Film Jones: ngenes Singles (2017)

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