Thursday, January 19, 2017

Film Otajin (2017)

FilmUptodate | Otajin is a genre film-Drama Horror latest in 2017 from Indonesia. The movie will be directed by Nayato Fio Nuala, while the screenplay was written by Bon Astravita As.

Film "Otajin" will be starring Vebby Palwinta, Maxime Bouttier, Nikita Mirzani, Roy Marten, Erlin Sarintan, Setyo Rumambie and Nadha Hiola. While the production house Production Dwisetyo Gorontalo will overshadow the film and plan views on TBA January 2017 (Indonesia).

Film Synopsis Otajin (2017)
Film Otajin This tells about the life of a woman named Virnie, he is continuing the study further at a college in the city. One day he told that both her parents had died in a way unnatural.

But in the incident, the younger brother (Niko) was still alive but suffering from depression and stress. He was locked in a closet. Authorities handling the case very confused and difficult to unravel the incident.

This was due to the absence of witnesses who saw the incident, only younger brother who knows, but Niko was still depressed due to the state can not to be questioned. Virnie finally decided to return to the Gorontalo to his brother and also find out the cause of death of the incident his parents.

Virnie which is investigating the incident to find a clue that a stone which is still gripped by his father at the time of the murder. From the stone bleeds are constantly flowing.

Virnie also found a videotape containing Handycam when father, mother and younger brother to travel to tourist spots just before the mysterious murders. Virnie assisted lover named Fredy.

Unbeknownst to them, Virnie sister named Niko is in immediate danger. Niko stone taken from Otajin it is a pernicious of all the events that happened. Like what the full story? Watch more views on TBA January 2017 only at your favorite Cinemas.

Otajin Film Detail (2017)
Title: Otajin
Genre: Drama-Horror
Director: Nayato Fio Nuala
Writers: Bon Astravinta As
Production House: DSP Production
Distributor Production: Production Dwisetyo Gorontalo
Origin: Indonesia
Language Film: Indonesia

Players Otajin Film (2017)
Maxime Bouttier
Nikita Mirzani
Setyo Rumambie
Nadha Hiola
Fritz Koraag
Bayu Ramadhan
Marten Hypnotrick
Ical Ramadan Noe
Roy Marten
Erlin Sarintan
Vebby Palwinta

Trailler Film Otajin (2017)

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