Tuesday, April 7, 2015

"End Notes Lecture" Catatan Akhir Kuliah

An Indonesian Comedy Film latest, Jay Sukmo arable production of Hearts film titled "Final Lecture Notes" is? The young man picked up the story that is still sitting in college, curious about the story. Watch your favorite theaters in May 2015.

 Poster CAK

Synopsis End of Lecture Notes

The film is adapted from the bestselling novel by Sam Maulana with the same title and will tell about the problems to be faced by students in college. Following a graduate student named Sam, who will struggle to finish their thesis. But to complete his thesis, Sam will face a number of hurdles that must he conquered.

Played Sam Acho (stand up comedy) must fight completing the thesis that dozens of times in the revision supervisor (Aida Nurmala). sam increasingly disillusioned after know, a friend of the kostnya Sobari (Adjunct) and Ajeb (abdur) turns first graduate thesis. he is worse off after knowing gebetannya frog girl had already had a boyfriend (andovi). Though frog is a girl that he liked secretly. Sam had to settle simultaneously between thesis, friendship begins to crack and tragic love story.

The film records the end of college not only tell about the thesis, but also wrapped in a child's life romance story campus. This film is very comprehensive mixed, there is comedy, romance, friendship and motivation ...

Movie Details

Release: May 2015
Genre: Comedy
Director: Jay Sukmo
Writer: Sam Maulana (Novel)
Production: Darihati Films
Official: twitter.com/cakthemovie, darihatifilms.com
Runtime: - minutes
Rating: R (13+)


- Adjunct Officer
- Muhadkly Acho (stand up comedy)
- Anjani Dina
- Abdur Arsyad
- Elyzia Mulachela
- Andovi Da Lopez
- Rangga Moela
- Budi Doremi
- Natasha Chairani
- Aida Nurmala
- Mario

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