Monday, April 13, 2015

Wewe (film Horor) dibintangi Oleh Nabilah JKT48

 Scerenshot Film wewe

Wewe is an Indonesian horror movie in 2015 directed by Rizal Mantovani. Wewe movie will begin filming on bulanDesember 2014 and is expected to be completed in mid-January 2015. The film raised urban legends Wewe Gombel. In the film, Nabilah Ratna Ayu Azalia which is a member of JKT48 will play 15-year-old girl named Luna. He is a brave girl and very affectionate with her sister. The film is the first film where Nabilah play movies without other JKT48 personnel and Nabilah second film ever played after the film Viva JKT48.

Besides Nabilah, Wewe movie will be enlivened by Agus Kuncoro, Inong Ayu, Khadija Banderas, and Yafi Tesa Zahara. According to the plan, filmWewe will release in April 2015.


Jarot (Agus Kuncoro) and his wife Irma (Inong Nidya Ayu), and two children, Luna (Nabilah JKT48) aged 15 and Aruna (Khadijah Banderas) was 5 years old, entered into a new house in get to live the father because move the task. The house was very spacious and located in a secluded street away from the noise of the capital. Together they also Bu Surti, a maid who has a dozen years tanga with family. The house was comfortable, but there sat uperabotan are quite disturbing, which is an old bed made of teak and has a strange shape and carving, in the form of a woman who was screaming. The old beds in a room located on the top floor.

At first all is well. Over time, a fairly drastic changes in Aruna. Previously, Aruna is a figure that is very active and cheerful. Since in the new house, it was like pulling away. This is considered by Luna. Their parents seems not too much attention because they often quarreled after his wife getting busy with his work. Jarotpun add to the problem with that attitude too hard.

The cause is often silence Aruna is several times he thought he saw 'no one' in the living room, even in the bedroom. Aruna tried to explain to her parents but because both are not paying full attention, then anxiety Aruna teracuhkan. Only Lunalah who feel this discrepancy. It was also felt sad and gloomy with the state of his parents, but he avoids this bias by diverting his mind with Javanese dance activities.

Luna also felt there were irregularities in the house, but that he felt as a sign of 'tired'. While Surti mother, housekeeper, decided to leave the house after he saw clearly the 'gatekeepers' who haunts the old house. 

Agus Kuncoro - Jarot
Inong Nidya Ayu - Irma
Nabilah JKT48 - Luna
Khadijah Banderas - Aruna


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