Monday, May 25, 2015

7 Hari Menembus Waktu

7 Hari Menembus Waktu | 28 May 2015 | Nayato Fio Nuala | MD Pictures


Marissa life (Anjani Dina) perfect. In addition to having Papa (Ferry Salim) and Mama (Karina Suwandi) was very fond of her, over the past two years dating Marissa Michael (Brandon Salim), best-looking guy in school. All of a sudden changed when Michael decided their relationship and dating Selina (Beautiful Permatasari).

Marissa incredible upset. When Marissa was vent emotions, Marissa saw antique paintings in the halls, which reportedly can be granted. Marissa begged the painting to take her away to a new life: without Michael and Selina.

Request Marissa answered. Marissa shipped to 1994. To be able to go back to 2015, within seven days of Marissa had to change all the bad attitude. Marissa should also help Wiliam (Teuku Rassya) do three important things: against Ben (Ciccio Manassero), getting liver Cleo (Amanda Rawles), and made up with Aunt Sarah (Cynthia Ramlan).

TRAILER & Hari Menembus Waktu 2015

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