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Surga Yang Tak Dirindukan | MD PICTURES | Manoj Punjabi | Lebaran 2015

Surga Yang Tak Dirindukan | MD PICTURES | Manoj Punjabi | Lebaran 2015

CAST: Laudy C Bella, fedi nuril, Zaskia Adya Mecca, raline shah
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Arini always felt marriage to Pras is an ideal marriage, the dream of every person. In fact, they did live happily with one daughter, Nadia (5). They love each other in their own homes. Even if Arini no longer pursue his career as a comic illustrator of children, but he was happy to devote herself as a wife and a good mother to her family. When his companions fuss with her husband's infidelity and polygamy issue, Arini remain calm, because he believes Pras, faithful men, who will never menduakannya.

Prasetya indeed a male figure as imagined Arini. He was loyal and never consider polygamy as the marital life choice. But fate would be different when Pras helped a woman named Meirose, who crashed the car in front of him.

Meirose turns himself intentionally crashed because of frustration. He had just deceived by men who promised to marry her. Though there belly seven month old fetus. Meirose rescued, but fell into a coma, while his son Akbar, was born safely. Pras not bear to leave the baby and the mother who turned out to live alone these. Meirose slowly improving, beyond expectations, Meirose attempted suicide again, Meirose went up hospital building preparing to jump. Meirose felt no man in this world - good man. Meirose lucky rescued Pras. Pras took pity on Meirose. Pras Meirose asked to marry her.

Not unexpectedly, after this unusual wedding, Meirose very happy with his marriage with Pras. Meirose was touched and happy to have met and married by men as well as Pras.

Thus officially Pras doing polygamy. Pras is increasingly felt guilty at Arini, while on the other hand, very loving Meirose Pras. Pras is currently trying to tell poligaminya at Arini, Arini father died. Pras atmosphere increasingly hard for recognition mother when she heard that her father was also polygamy Arini. For the sake of happiness Arini, secretive polygamous father and mother willingly accept his destiny.

But eventually reality polygamy is wafted Pras also by Arini. Ark ideal marriage, collapsed instantly. Arini mired in the worst dream. How Pras and Arini wedding? Do Pras will continue to maintain Meirose? Do Meirose will continue to be honey for Arini?

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