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Film Pizza Man (2015)

Film Pizza Man (2015)

Film Comedi Indonesia "Pizza Man" of 2015 tells the story of three beautiful woman is Merry (Yuki Kato), Olivia (Joanna Alexandra) and Nina (Karina Nadila). Inside there is a beauty bengal nature of the three girls. In addition, they are also drug users.

One day they get together to share stories while ordering a pizza. When the pizza came, Olivia along with two companions were surprised because the pizza deliveryman turned out to be a handsome young man named Adam (Gandhi Fernando). Eventually arise ignorant intention to work on the pizza deliveryman.

And then, the three kidnapped Pizza Man is to participate in the party 'with them. But things become complicated when one of unintentionally making the Pizza Man died dunia.Baca too.

Film Review Pizza Man (2015)

The film "Pizza Man" and the action comedy genre, which owns filmed Renee Pictures. The film director is Ceppy Scrooge and also starring actresses and actors reliable as Yuki Kato, Joanna Alexandra, Karina Nadila and Gandhi Fernando. Renee Pictures.akan broadcast Pizza Man in bioskops dated June 11, 2015.

Details Cash And Crew Film Entourage (2015)

Genre: Comedy, Action
Producer: Gandhi Fernando, Laura Karina
Director: Ceppy Scrooge
Author: R. Dani Jake, Gandhi Fernando
Production: Renee Pictures
Yuki Kato (Merry)
Alexandra Joanna (Olivia)
Karina Nadila (Nina)
Gandhi Fernando (Adam Pizza Delivery Man)
Kemal Palevi, Babe Cabita, Chika Waode, Rangga Djoned, Dea Ananda, Dennis, Adhiswara, Bran Vargas, Mike Ethan, Novita Angie, Henky, Solaiman, Erick Estrada, Andrew Buckle, Dicky Adam, Johan Purba, Zerny Rusmalia, Allan Wangsa, Bubah Alfian

Release Date: July 11, 2015
Film Length: 83 min
MPAA Rating: R 13
Indonesian Country

Trailer Pizza Man (2015)

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