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Film A Royal Night Out (2015)

Film A Royal Night Out (2015)

Film Details A Royal Night Out (2015)

Genre: Drama, Romance, Thriller
Director: Julian Jarrold
Author: Trevor De Silva, Kevin Hood
Sarah Gadon (Princess Elizabeth)
Rupert Everett (King George)
Emily Watson (Queen Elizabeth)
Jack Reynor (Jack)
Bel Powley (Princess Margaret)
Roger Allam
Ruth Sheen (Jack's Mum)
Jack Laskey (Captain Pryce)
Jack Gordon (Hannah Lindy Hopper)
Anastasia Harrold (Lieutenant Burridge)
Jessica Jay (Fountain Girl)

Movie Length: 97 Minutes
Country: UK
Movie Release: 28 May 2015

Film Synopsis A Royal Night Out (2015)

Film A Royal Night Out (2015) is taken from a true story of the daughter of Elizabeth (Sarah Gadon) and Margaret (Bel Powley) is out of the scope of the kingdom to celebrate VE Day with the Briton lainnya.VE Day is a reminder to celebrate the end of the War World War II in London ended on May 8, 1945, precisely in VE Day (Victory in Europe Day) Buckingham Palace, and two people Princess also become part of the national celebration.

Elizabeth bit to write the story in a diary But his brother his little afraid because if there are people who will recognize mereka.Sepupunya describe his story of the Queen Elizabeth as a Cinderella story.

Movie Trailer A Royal Night Out (2015)

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