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Film Spy (2015)

Film Spy (2015)

Hollywood movie "Spy" in 2015 told of a woman named Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy), he was a woman who worked as an analyst at the CIA, and also the unsung heroes behind the Agency's most dangerous missions.

Once when there is a dangerous bomb and they must be found before it exploded. But the agent who handled this case failed to find the existence of the bomb. The CIA is looking for a way to find the bombs were discovered a dead end when they learned that the criminals already have the identity of the whole secret agent. Finally, Susan volunteered for this dangerous mission.

Once approved and undergo some brief training, now Susan actually have not had experience with voluntary infiltrate undercover to uncover cases of sale of deadly weapons and prevent a global catastrophe.

Spy Movie Review (2015)

Comedi Action movie "Spy" produced by 20th Century Fox is a film that does not keselurauhan comedy and a lot of action scenes in the film presented this Spy. This film also starring Jason Statham who became (Rick Ford), He also recently starred Furious Seven, Wild Card and The Expendables 3, With a lot agaran already issued to make this Spy films in the amount of $ 65,000,000. But worth the paddock budget adeakan actiom very fantastic. The film will air on 5 June 2015 bioskops

Details Spy Movie Cast And Crew (2015)

Genre: Action, Comedy
Producers: Jenno Topping, Peter Chernin, Paul Feig, Jessie Henderson
Director: Paul Feig
Screenwriter: Paul Feig
Production: 20th Century Fox
Jude Law (Bradley Fine)
Raad Rawi (Tihomir Boyanov)
Melissa McCarthy (Susan Cooper)
Jessica Chaffin (Sharon)
Miranda Hart (Nancy B. Artingstall)
Sam Richardson (John)
Katie Dippold (Katherine)
Jaime Pacheco (Jaime the Gardener)
Romain Apelbaum (DC the French Waiter)
Rose Byrne (Rayna Boyanov)
Richard Brake (Solsa Dudaev)
Steve Bannos (Alan the bartender)
Morena Baccarin (Karen Walker)
Jason Statham (Rick Ford)
Carlos Ponce (Matthew Wright)

Release Date: June 5, 2015
Film Duration: 120 min
Box Office Budget: $ 65,000,000
MPAA Rating: R
Film Duration: 120 min

Spy Movie Trailer (2015)

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