Friday, August 21, 2015

Anime Review: Battle of Surabaya

After waiting three years, whether the Battle of Surabaya was able to answer all the expectations of the people of Indonesia?

Battle of Surabaya
Director: Aryanto Yuniawan
Producer: Aryanto Yuniawan, Hery Soelistio, Adi Djayusman
Author: M. Suryanto, Aryanto Yuniawan
Voice: Ian Saybani (Moses), maudy ayunda (Yumna), Reza Rahadian (Danu), Novie Burhan (Aminah / Ms Musa), Tanaka Hidethoshi (Yoshimura), Jason Williams (John Wright), Sana Hamada (Kioko), Alan Bona (Solehudin), Guritno (Narrator, Resident Soedirman), Harjayah Hermano (RM. Soerjo), Lindos Jindra (Drg. Moestopo), Kamal Nasuti (Radjamin Nasution)
Active time: 99 Minutes
Production: MSV Pictures

After waiting for three years to treat the trailer here and there and the rumors stating that the film would never finish finally the Battle of Surabaya, 2D animation movie filmed MSV Pictures completed and ready to be watched at the cinema. Many are beginning to doubt this movie, especially lovers of Japanese anime films that consider eye and doubts are answered in this film.

Battle of Surabaya set in after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the Allies, Japan ended the war against the Allies. After the Japanese surrender Indonesia finally free, but the sky Surabaya back flushed. Flag Incident events at Yamato and the arrival of the Allies were demanding the right to be boarded Dutch East Indies. On the other hand there is interference by some youth groups Fan Black, a paramilitary organization formed by the Japanese.

The story starts from a shoeshine teenager named Moses, who later served as a courier secret letters to the Indonesian soldiers and militia fighters and sent personal letters to his family fighters. In carrying out its mission of Moses helped by his friend Yumna and Danu. Moses experienced a series of events ranging from seeing his own battle going on, heard many stories of the participants of war until being chased by Allied soldiers.

In terms of animation, the films made MSV Pictures and STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta is quite still less from inbetween animation that looks very rough, the displacement frame that feels jump from the previous frame, mixing 2D with 3DCG is quite prominent and stories at the beginning of the rough and may be a bit confusing. Depictions of the action scenes are also still feels less supple and looks stiff. Fortunately it is covered with a depiction of a very expressive character expression does not seem stiff and also a background image is very beautiful and neat.

Battle of Surabaya is quite clever in taking the background to be a cornerstone of the story. Background story in this film is the incident before the war Surabaya so that the film is not generically tell about the state of war. The story in this film is not only about war instead of this film highlight other side of the war wrenching and mengambl the viewpoint of victims of war is also a war participants who made this film into a humanist. The tagline "There is no glory in war" has become grip the story in this film and can be executed properly. This film is also reminiscent of the work of studio Ghibli, entitled "Grave of the Fireflies" in which the main character of the film is equally victims of war. The film is also not too much indulgence excessive nationalism as practiced by a similar film so that the film is ready to be watched by the international market. Some scenes in this film also snagged some of the stereotypes that appeared in Hollywood films.

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