Friday, August 21, 2015

Ogled Walt Disney Picture, Battle Of Surabaya Jajal World Market

Ogled Walt Disney Picture, Battle Of Surabaya Jajal World Market

 Film work of the nation Battle of Surabaya ready aired August 20, 2015 in all theaters Indonesia, after the production process three years. However, the production team Battle of Surabayatidak stop in the Indonesian market. Currently, they are preparing for the Battle of Surabaya enter the world market. This after the film Battle of Surabaya ogled by class international production house Walt Disney Picture.

"Therefore, we are completing the English language version. So no English soundtrack," said director of the Battle of Surabaya Aryanto Yuniawan.

Aryanto said that the film Battle of Surabaya will be supported in terms of technical assistance throughout the film distribution network in the world Disney. The option finally chosen by MSV Pictures as a form of cooperation with Disney

"So initially Disney come to give input and offers three options. First, the film will be bought off by Disney, so that the film will become the property of Disney. Secondly, Disney ready to distribute the film on their behalf, so there will be a label Disney later. Third, Disney will support in technical terms to make a good film. Also they will expand the network to film the Battle of Surabaya to tissues Disney around the world, "he explained.

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