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Trailer The Movie Internatonal "Battle Of Surabaya"

2D animation movie Battle Of Surabaya ordinary or abbreviated as the boss is one animated movie made by the children of the nation (Indonesia) manufacturing process is quite long or less nearly 4 with Crew animators, desaigner, sinemaphotogrphy and others-others just less than 200 People Crew, Manufacture takes place in one of the colleges of IT in the Yogyakarta area.

Starring: Yumna (Maudy Ayunda) Danu (Reza Rahadian) Musa (Ian Saybani) Capt. John Wright (Jason Williams), Capt. Yoshimura (Tanaka Hidetoshi) Kazuhiro (Suzuki Nobuyuki) Kioko (Sana Hamada)
Genre: Animation

Directed By: Aryanto Yuniawan (follow @aryantoyuniawan)

Release Date: August 20, 2015

  • Start Date
    Started on May 24, 2013
  • Release Date
    August 20, 2015
  • Genre
  • Studio
    MSV Pictures Animation Studios
  • Short Description
    Widescreen 2D Animation Film First Battle of Surabaya Indonesia tells the adventures of MUSA, teenage shoeshine fighter who became a courier for arek2 Suroboyo & TKR in battle devastating 10 November 1945 Surabaya.
  • Long Description
    After the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the Allies, Japan ended the war against the Allies. Japanese surrender on the Allies signed on the USS Missouri. Indonesian independence! Apart from the Japanese occupation. But the sky Surabaya back flushed. Flag Incident events at Yamato and the arrival of the Allies who boarded the Netherlands demanding rights over the Dutch East Indies. On the other hand also there is interference by some youth groups Fan Black, a paramilitary organization formed by the Japanese. Resident Sudirman, Governor Suryo, Mr. Moestopo, Bung Tomo and other figures uplifting Arek-Arek Suroboyo & youth Indonesia to pick rise up against the occupation.

    Story Battle of Surabaya is an adaptation of the story of the events 10 November 1945 in Surabaya. Moses, a shoeshine teenager who then took a courier mission as secret letters to the Indonesian soldiers and militia fighters. In addition to confidential letters Musa also delivering personal letters to his family fighters. With his friend Yumna (maudy ayunda) and Sagittarius (Reza Rahadian), Moses experienced a great adventure to many lost loved ones. How adventures Moses completed missions between the enemy and the threat of war at the time, witnessed in Cinema starting on August 20, 2015!

    BATTLE OF SURABAYA - There is no glory in war!
  • Plot Outline
    2D Animation Film First Widescreen Indonesia.
    Plot 1945, Hiroshima, Jakarta, Surabaya.
    The story of espionage / traditional courier battle Surabaya, 10 November 1945.
    Ego trip of a Hero who grew up with conflict and the events that happened.
    A blend of history and fiction storyline is packed in a parallel story with flashbacks and little mosaic approach, so that the necessary concentration to enjoy and understand the story of this film. Grooves are not packaged in a linear narrative but still easy to understand if it follows from the beginning to the end of the film, because the linkage of events in his scene-scene.
  • Awards
    Film Teaser BATTLE OF SURABAYA have earned national awards:
    1. Nominee Best Foreign Animation Golden Trailer Award Trailer Hollywood USA 2014
    2. The People's Choice Award Winner International Movie Trailer Festival 2013, California, USA.
    3. Winner INAICTA 2012 Animated Film category by the Ministry of Communications and Informatics RI
    4. Winner INDIGO FELLOWSHIP 1st 2012 by Telkom Indonesia
    5. Nominations World's Best Animated Film category Film Appreciation event Indonesia (AFI) by the Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs RI
  • Starring
    Yumna (Maudy Ayunda)
    Danu (Reza Rahadian)
    Musa (Ian Saybani)
    Capt. John Wright (Jason Williams),
    Capt. Yoshimura (Tanaka Hidetoshi)
    Kazuhiro (Suzuki Nobuyuki)
    Kioko (Sana Hamada)
  • Directed By
    Aryanto Yuniawan (follow @aryantoyuniawan)
  • Written By
    Aryanto Yuniawan, M.Suyanto, 
  • Screenplay By
    Aryanto Yuniawan
  • Produced By
    M.Suyanto, Aryanto Yuniawan, Heri Soelistio, Adi Djayusman
Trailer The Movie "Battle Of Surabaya"

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