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Sinopsis Film "Single"(2015)

Poaster Film "Single"(2015)

Film Uptodate
- Single
is a comedy drama movie newest Indonesia Raditya Dika, Single Film 2015 previously membingtai widescreen films like Love Brontosaurus, Man Half Salmon, and most recently that marmots Pink. Similarly, the Intercine Soraya Films which is the creator of Indonesian films such as 5 cm wide screen, Sinking Ship Van Der Wijck and Supernova.
The plan producer Sunil Soraya will broadcast this film in theaters starting December 17, 2015.

Film Synopsis Single (2015)

Film "Single" tells the story of a man and handsome named Edy (Raditya Dika), but behind his good looks that Edy has always had a problem in the way the romance, the cause because he always does pd or inferior when talking and meeting with women.

One time, Edy met a beautiful woman. and he tried to want it. but it is unfortunate, sincere effort Edy give to the woman always leads to failure.

In the teaser movie Singgle uploaded Raditya Dika on his YouTube account a bit of story that Edy're driving a car while singing "I hate myself, I hate myself, have to continue like this". And there was also a friend who advised him "Gue tau lo matter of time, and can not only talk with a girl". From there Edy start up the courage to talk to the girl, he tried in a night club, there are two women who ask him "more dancing ?, yes his name is?". but its operation Edy always be left off the woman.

Cast and Crew Film Detail Single (2015) 

Genre: Comedy, Drama
 Producer: Sunil Soraya 
Director: Raditya Dika 
Author: Raditya Dika 
Actor :Raditya Dika as (Edy)Annisa Rawlesbanner PragiwaksonoChandra LiowBabe CabitaProduction: Soraya Intecine 
FilmsRelease Date: December 2015 
Film Duration: 127 Minutes 
MPAA Rating: R

Single Movie Trailer (2015)

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