Wednesday, April 20, 2016

BoBoiBoy The Movie, Action BoBoiBoy Defeat Fighting Alien The Tengkotak

In addition to 'Upin and Ipin', when asked to name the animated series from Malaysia most enjoy doing, the audience in the country (especially children) must be easily answered with 'BoBoiBoy'!Departing from the success of the series, the hero in 'BoBoiBoy' now also act in a movie that is currently being aired in cinemas Indonesia entitled 'BoBoiBoy The Movie'.BoBoiBoy The Movie tells the story of a group of evil aliens who call themselves "The Tengkotak" came to Earth to kidnap Ochobot.Their goal was kidnapped Ochobot as clues to locate the origin of the power of Ochobot, namely a sphere power (Indonesian: ball strength).BoBoiBoy and comrades, including Adu Du and Probe, must try to free Ochobot simultaneously blocking Tengkotak get the power sphere.A trip that will take them to an adventure filled with action, comedy and a wonderful place.Produced in a long time that is 2 years old, BoBoiBoy The Movie rumored cost of making a very fantastic which is equal to 5 Million Ringgit (or approximately 16 billion rupiah).However, this budget paid off with a tremendous box office income of BoBoiBoy who have reached 16 million Ringgit (about 54 billion rupiah) since aired in Malaysia on March 3, 2016.This revenue has not been written from his box office earnings in Indonesia who have recently started running since 13 April 2016 last.BoBoiBoy The Movie opens in theaters Indonesia through a network of cinemas CGVBlitz and also Cinemaxx Theater. Congratulations watch, together we fight! Best!

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