Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Dubsmash The Movie, Stars 'dubsmash' Teejay Marquez Main Film Indonesia

One of social media applications on smartphones that had horrendous some time ago 'Dubmash' wide-screen movies are now made by the production house homeland MD Pictures.Unmitigated, studios producing blockbusters 'Ainun Habibie' and 'Heaven Yang Tak missed' this hook one of the stars Dubmash phenomenal Teejay Marquez Filipina.Teejay known after uploading video Dubmash which covered the song 'Twerk It Like Miley' by Brandon Beal while dancing.Her good looks make direct Teejay has hundreds of thousands of fans in Indonesia, perhaps even beyond his fans in the Philippines.Dubmash The Movie tells the story of Teejay (Teejay Marquez) new transfer student from the Philippines suddenly makes hysterical girls at school.Teejay previously known for frequent dubsmash video uploaded on social media! Teejay happy staying with family who had just moved to Indonesia.Elsa (Jessica Mila) whose background a broken home, feel comfortable when close to Teejay. For Elsa had never found someone who could understand him, including Marvel (Verrel Bramasta), his girlfriend.From a casual friend, vent, and so close, make Marvel jealous.Who will get the heart Elsa? Marvel handsome and accomplished? Or Teejay usual but full of heart?Dubmash The Movie will be in theaters, but it still has no official release date at this time. We look forward to it.

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