Wednesday, April 20, 2016

MARS, Mimpi Acha septriasa Raih Semesta

National Education Day (Education Day) is celebrated annually on May 2 get a special gift for the year 2016. Gifts in the form of a movie-themed education and motivation called MARS (Ananda Achieves Dreams Universe). MARS, starring two best actress winner Citra, Kinaryosih (Suddenly Dangdut) and Acha Septriasa (Test Pack), who plays the character of the mother and child. MARS tells about Tupon (Kinaryosih), the old woman at the foot of Mount Kidul, who tirelessly raising Sekar Palupi (Acha Septriasa) to continue school.

This attitude she transmitted to the Sekar Palupi's not easy to accept the fate they live. Effort and hard work is the answer of destiny. Because of all that will be achieved through science.
Tupon passed them all with the emotional intelligence that it has, that God is always with those who want to work hard and endeavors. Spirit, which is continuing to forge Sekar Palupi educate a child in order to be a better life in the future, than himself.

The illiterate mother who always brings Sekar Palupi view of the universe, Tupon always shows the latitude Lantip (star bright) is the planet MARS. His mother always told me that you can get there with science.

Can Tupon mengapai fight and sacrifice for it all?
MARS is decorated with the strains of the soundtrack of the band PURPLE will appear in theaters two days after the National Education Day on May 4, 2016.
Sidomi present the trailer below:

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