Wednesday, April 20, 2016

My boyfriend Children Corruptor, Forbidden Love Jessica Mila With Politician Son Corruptor

Actress Jessica Mila was hit by a dilemma. He who is known as an anti-corruption activist, it actually fell in love with the son of criminals who fought. The forbidden love Jessica had to face in the upcoming drama movie works Sys NS is ready visited theaters next month, entitled 'My boyfriend Children Corruptor'.Jessica plays Sayanda, a coordinator of an organization called GANK aka "Anti-Drugs Movement and Corruption".
Sayanda the highly nationalistic daily disibuki with concern for friends who are members of gangs of thugs named: faded blue jeans, and smacking Selendank Ngehek.In addition to drug use, children's gang also had a hobby of betting via track-trekan alias fighting illegal street racing.
However Sayanda never bored near them to keep away from negative things.As demonstrators were always attacking the corrupt big fish Marukh Bangetan (Ray Sahetapy), Sayanda then even fall in love with the corrupt only child benama Eclipse (Word Ahessa).Sayanda faced with the difficult choice between her love with Eclipse or love her in this state he must prioritize.

My boyfriend Corruptor Son of showing Thunder Soekarnoputra, Camelia Malik, Edo Kondologit, Roy Marten, and will be aired in theaters starting May 26, 2016.Here's the trailer:

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