Thursday, May 19, 2016

1 Cinta Di Bira, Tayang Eksklusif Di Bioskop Sulawesi Dan Kalimantan Mulai 26 Mei

1 Cinta Di Bira
1 Cinta Di Bira
The beauty of the coast in the village of Bira, Bulukumba, South Sulawesi, which has not been widely known to the public ready to be explored in a movie titled '1 Love Bira'.

Film production MNC Pictures, who last month successfully presenting a nuanced movie heroism 'A Love Letter To Kartini' will be in theaters starting 26 May.

However you who want to see unfortunately had to fly first to the island of Sulawesi and Kalimantan because the film is only aired exclusively in cinemas in both islands.

As per the title, in addition to exploring the beauty of the Bira, the film will show a touching love story.

It is said a man named Iqbal (Fauzan Nasrul) already six years did not return to his hometown. He prefers a career in Jakarta compared to resume business pinisi ship family. News of the death of his father, making Iqbal was forced to return to Bira and mandated to continue business pinisi ship.

Iqbal who've drowned in the sea trauma Bira childhood, back slipped and fell into the sea after visiting his father's place of business. When sober, Iqbal saw a beautiful woman smiling at her. He immediately thought of the woman is the "guardian of the sea" who once helped him. Iqbal fell in love with a woman later identified as Devi, the daughter of Om Rustam friend of his father.

Her love for Devi make business Iqbal wanted to sell the ship Phinisi and bring Devi and his mother to Jakarta. But the intention was detained by a pair of brothers Enre and Olla. Initially a dispute between them. But Iqbal heart melted when Olla show the beauty Bira and tells the struggle of a father Iqbal build Bira. Iqbal became free to sell the business Phinisi ship and moved to Jakarta. His heart was undecided choose love Devi or Olla.

The following show the trailer of '1 Cinta Di Bira' are guaranteed to make you want to visit there:

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