Thursday, August 25, 2016

Full Movie Jagal - The Act of Killing

JAGAL (The Act of Killing)

Anwar Congo and his friends dancing along the musical scene, the torture of prisoners in scenes of stylish gangster film noir, and rode across the meadow sang cowboy yodel. Anwar attempts to make a movie get applause in talk shows on television, even though Anwar Congo and his comrades is a mass murderer.

Medan, North Sumatra. When the Indonesian government was overthrown by the military in 1965, Anwar and his friends 'promoted' from petty thug profiteers movie tickets become leader of death squads. They help soldiers kill more than a million people accused communists, ethnic Chinese, artists, and intellectuals.

In the movie Butcher, Anwar and his friends tried to convey their imagination about the massacre which they did in a fiction film. An attempt at justification of heroism that slowly turned into a nightmare.

Butcher adalan a story about the killers who wins, as well as about the community they form.Butcher movie is not the story of Indonesia alone. This is a story about everyone in the world.

Director: Joshua OppenheimerKo Director: Anonymous & Christine CynnProducer: Signe Byrge SørensenExecutive Producer: Werner Herzog, Errol Morris, André Singer, Torstein Grude, Bjarte Morner Tveit, and Joram ten Brink.Ko Producer: Torstein Grude and Bjarte Morner Tveit, Piraya Film, NO; Joshua Oppenheimer and Christine Cynn, Novaya Zemlya, UK; in collaboration with André Singer, Spring Films Ltd, UK

Duration                 : 159 Minutes 
Year of production : 2012

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Full Movie Jagal  - The Act of Killing

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