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Pete's Dragon (2016)

Film Uptodate
- Pete's Dragon is a movie-themed adventure and family. Pete's Dragon 2016 movie is directed by David Lowery and also the script of this film was written by S.S. Field (story) along with Toby Halbrooks (screenplay). In addition to enliven the film is also enlivened by some actors and actresses who became a star that is like Bryce Dallas Howard Wes Bentley Robert Redford. Pete's Dragon movie tells the story of a little orphan who seek protection against abusive foster parents.
Film Synopsis Pete's Dragon (2016)
The film Pete's Dragon is about A child who has been orphaned who are looking for protection against both adoptive parents were very rude to him and often beat and he was often getting kekerasakan of them, with the help pets and some are staying in a lighthouse , But he seek help instead to humans but a dragon who lived with the owner at a lighthouse.
Film Review Pete's Dragon (2016)
The film is scheduled to release premiered on 12 August 2016 in the USA directed by David Lowery and written by S.S which tells about the fate of an orphan boy against both adoptive parents were rough. The film will be released in cinemas in some countries that broadcast the film. This film will certainly look very interesting because the cast named Pete was not going to play as a small child but also to be played by adult players.
Movie Cast and Crew Details Pete's Dragon (2016)
Genre: familly, AdventuresProducer: Jim Whitaker, Dorothy AufieroDirector: David LoweryAuthor: S.S. Field (story), Toby HalbrooksMovie players Pete's Dragon:
Bryce Dallas Howard - GraceWes Bentley - JackRobert Redford - Grace's fatherKarl Urban - GavinOona Laurence - NatalieNatalie - Adult PeteIsiah Whitlock Jr. - Sheriff DentlerOakes Fegley - Pete
Release Date: August 12, 2016 (USA)Production House: Walt Disney ProductionsMPAA: All AgesDuration: MinutesCountry: United States

Trailer Movie Pete's Dragon (2016)

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