Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Jang Hyuk Korean movie reviews, movie Windstruck romantic comedy genre.

Jang Hyuk this time paired with Jeon Ji Hyun, who played my sassy girl. In this film, Jang Hyuk as Go Myung Woo who became a teacher and dating a policeman, Yeo Kyung Jin. Beginning of the meeting they were funny, so Kyung Jin's false arrest, would nangkep instead arrested pickpocket Myung Woo.

Then they met again when Myung-woo to volunteer looking naughty students, and they were on patrol together. Pas was on patrol, kyung jin find a drug dealer, then Myung woo frightened and tried to escape. Kyung Jin Myung hands cuffed hands and woo into one and capture the drug kingpin, funny deh fit their scene to wash my face, brush your teeth and sleep together with the hands still handcuffed.

They were getting closer, and love each other. Funny scene was over early session. The next session was enough to drain tears. When their car accident and entered the river, the struggle to save Myung Kyung jin woo enough to prove that they love each other. Thanks to the help of Kyung Jin Myung-woo eventually survived the crash. But death still lurks Myung-woo. Myung Woo Kyung Jin was shot by the time he was hunting criminals, Myung-woo died. Kyung jin hit, he wanted to commit suicide but always failed. Love story tearjerker passable, let alone fit kyung jin crying beside the body of Myung Woo, huaa kayka romeo and juliet.

Before Myung Woo died, he said, "if I die, I want to be the wind". So whenever there is wind, feel the presence Kyung Myung jin woo.
Curious is not it? Curious lah: D

In this film, Jang Hyuk plays taciturn character, funny and patient. It turned out to be anybody, Jang Hyuk still be okay to play it, and that is important nonetheless charming, uhuy.
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