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Sinopsi Predestination (2015)

Poster Predestination (2015)

Film Uptodate - Predestination films are box office film of 2015. The film Predestination 2015 directed by Michael and Peter Spierig. and the scenario script was written by Michael Spierig, Peter Spierig. Predestination movie starring Ethan Hawke, Sarah Snook, Noah Taylor.

Blacklab Entertainment, Screen Australia, Wolfhound Pictures, which produced the film Predestination has contributed approximately $ 3.5 million to make the film look beautiful and wonderful to be watched.

Film Synopsis Predestination (2015)Predestination movie tells about the background of 1992, John (Ethan Hawke) is a supplier of government on duty to prevent the crimes classified as murder would have an impact in the future with a tutorial through time. In its mission in 1970 he had an accident and injured his face. He returned to in 1992 for the treatment of wounds. After recovering, he was assigned back to the past to go after the terrorists, and that mission is the latest mission for him. In 1970 he was disguised as a bartender to find info about the Fizzle Bomber. At the bar it was also he met with a man similar to women.She is Jane (Sarah Snook), a transgender man who changed the type of sex as men pass through cesarean section after the birth. Jane tells his past to remain bayai John when he was banished to the orphanage. Difficult young life he went through, betrayed and dititnggalkan. Then John lifted Jane into the past in 1963 where Jane tried to find the man who betrayed him at the time, on condition that Jane would become government suppliers that operate across such a time as John. Immediately, she realized that John had been out with her past life. Despite his attempts to change the past can not be done Jane, Jane is young still gave birth to a daughter.John jumped to 1964 in which the young Jane had just given birth. Then he brought the baby back to 1945 and dumped in an orphanage. After intends to quit his job as an agent, the time machine is routinely carried off failure. Of that will happen as well as the analysis of the conspiracy that he found between the passage of time and place betugas bureau, John realized that the Fizzle Bomber while he chased the fact is he in the future.So that's the sort of story about the story of this film an absolute character. Absolute character serves to save him in the future with a tutorial back to the past to shape her you still young in the past. Actually, it is not an absolute character chasing a criminal of some sort that we imagine from the synopsis and trailer in general. Spectators only treated twists plays the main character, which has become an absolute weapon of this film. The film is very appropriate for those who like a movie filled with puzzles.Movie Details Predestination (2015)Director: Michael Spierig, Peter SpierigProducer: Paddy McDonald, Tim McGahan, Michael SpierigAuthor: Michael Spierig, Peter SpierigPlayers Film Predestination (2015)Ethan HawkeSarah SnookNoah TaylorProduction: blacklab Entertainment, Screen Australia, Wolfhound PicturesDistributor: Stage 6 FilmsRelease: March 8, 2014 (SXSW Film Festival), August 28, 2014 (Australia), January 9, 2016 (USA)Duration: 97 MinutesBox Office: $ 3.5 Million

Trailer Film Predestination (2015)

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