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Warkop DKI Reborn : Jangkrik Bos 2016

film uptodate - Poster Warkop DKI

Film Uptodate - Film "Warkop DKI Reborn" is the comedy genre of movies filmed the comedy group Warkop DKI to be worked by Falcon Pictures.Warkop DKI in every film always show jokes jokes that relate to everyday life. Therefore Warkop DKI Reborn will be made with jokes that suits contemporary trends.

Rumors are circulating that the film will be starring Indonesian top artists such as Vino G. Bastian, Tora sudiro, Eastern Star, Hannah Al Rashid, Ge Pamungkas, Babe Carita, Hengki Solaimin and much more. This film will be aired on September 8, 2016

Film Synopsis Warkop DKI Reborn (2016)Film "Warkop DKI Reborn" will tell about the life Dono, Kasino, Indro in the present with a new cast but the cast of characters that characterizes these figures will not be removed to keep the characteristic of the third frontman Warkop DKI.
At the film's Falcon Pictures, Indro asked as executive producer. Indro Warkop DKI said if the movie carries Reborn later more typical story with Stand Up Comedy material that is now public interest.
Film Warkop DKI Reborn will turn on taste and spoil the fans who consider Warkop Warkop DKI Jakarta is a comedy legend through this film, Indro while maintaining quality despite differences Zaman comedy.
Film Review DKI Reborn (2016)
Warkop DKI Reborn manufactured by Falcon Pictures, which successfully made Comic 8: Casino Kings penetrate the box office. The film will be released before Eid this year.
Details Cast and Crew Film Warkop DKI Reborn (2016)
Title: Warkop DKI RebornGenre: ComedyProduction Company: Falcon CompanyRelease date: September 8, 2016Country: IndonesiaLanguage: Indonesiaplayers:Vino G. BastianAgus KuncoroAbimana AryasatyTora Sudiroence BagusEast Staringgrid widjanarkoArie kritingHengki SolaimanRivet YudhaHannah Al RashidGe PamungkasBabe Cabita

Trailler Film Warkop DKI Reborn (2016)

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