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Beauty and the Best (2016)

The film "Beauty and the Best" 2016 is a film that comes from Indonesia with Drama and Romance genre. The film is directed by Andrew Sofyansyah and produced by famed producer Manoj Punjabi. Artist handsome and beautiful will play together like Maxime Bouttier, Andania Suri, Agatha Valerie, and Shania Chelsea. Indonesian films will be aired late March, exactly on March 31, 2016. The film is adapted from the novel of the same name by Luna Torashyngu.

Film Synopsis Beauty and The Best (2016)

Drama movie "Beauty and the Best" tells the story of a woman named Ira, Ira had everything that he wanted. A beautiful face, a profession to be a model, a handsome and wealthy guy who approached him, well-known in the school environment. But Ira has a disadvantage that in terms of science, every ulanga value is never 4. This is the worst thing in life Ira and Ira now already stepping plus 3 class.

Therefore, Ira accept a challenge to membuktikkan he can get the best value, to prove that beautiful face is supported by the cleverness of his brain. But friends do not believe the intention is very Ira Ira. "Mission Impossible really was" said Kelly, the smartest girl in school.

But no matter Ira, Ira tried as much as possible to win the bet with Kelly. Therefore, Ira left the world model, and ask taught private by Aldo, a guy who does not have any friends in the class. Ira wants to prove that the beautiful girl was also supported by the smart IQ. Ira wants everyone to know that models such as himself can pass with good grades and compete with thousands of people to enter college class.

Film Review Beauty and The Best (2016)

Film drama "Beauty And The Best" is a film with a very big ambition is owned by a lovely lady and worked as a model named Ira. Ira wanted to prove that the beautiful people too smart to make a bet with Kelly, the smartest student in class. Ira willing to leave the world of modeling and private study with Aldo, a guy who has no friends in the class. Do Ira prove it? and became Beauty and The Best ??

Details Cast and Crew Film Beauty and The Best (2016)

Genre: Drama, Romance
Producer: Manoj Punjabi
Director: Andri Sofyansyah
Scriptwriter: Hanan Novianti
Actor :

Maxime Bouttier as (Aldo)
Andania Suri as (Ira)
Agatha Valerie
Shania Chelsea as (Kelly)
Didi Riyadi
Ferry Salim
Syifa Hadju
Akina Fathia
Brandon Salim
Unique Priscillia

Air Date: March 31, 2016
Production House: MD Pictures
MPAA: Youth (R 13+)
Duration: Minutes
Indonesian country

Movie Trailer Beauty and The Best (2016)

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