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The Purge: Election Year (2016)

The movie "The Purge Election Year" is a film with thriller genre. Film The Purge Election Year 2016 or the movie The Purge 3 is directed by James DeMonaco and produced by Universal Pictures. Some of Hollywood's top artist will play in this film as Frank Grillo, Elizabeth Mitchell, Betty Gabriel and Edwin Hodge. Just watch this movie Box Office began airing starting on July 1, 2016.

The Purge Election Year Movie is the sequel to 3 which is about two years after the previous story on the sequel to two, namely The purge: Anarchy. This story will focus with Leo Barnes who served as head of security of a senator.

Film Synopsis The Purge Election Year (2016)

The movie "The Purge Election Year" tells the story of two years after the previous sequel The Purge: Anarchy. Leo Barnes who worked as head of security of the senator Charlie Roan who also had participated in an act of revenge within 12 hours of tense.

Leo Barnes worked to keep Senator Charlie Roan senator during the presidential election campaign that targets ranging from the lower classes. But suddenly in the evening there was a scary incident. Leo and Charlie have to survive from the attack to him or her choice later their lives at stake.

Film Review The Purge Election Year (2016)

Hollywood movie "The Purge Election Year" is a genre film Thriller which will occur serial murders committed by a man who was insane or had lost consciousness. And in this third sequel Leo and the senator Charlie must survive the attacks that had come or they will become a victim.

Movie Cast and Crew Details The Purge Election Year (2016)

Genre: Thriller
Producer: Sebastian Lemercier, Jason Blum, Michael Bay, Brad Fuller, Andrew Form
Director: James DeMonaco
Writers: James DeMonaco
Actor :

Eliabeth Mitchell as (Charlie Roan)
Frank Grillo as (Leo Barnes)
Mykelti Williamson
Ethan Phillips as (Chief Couper)
Raymond J Barry as (Caleb Warrens
Kimberly Howe as (School Girl # 4)
Edwin Hodge
Terry Serpico as (Earl)
Leah Procito as (Nurse)
London Hall as (Charlie Roan's Morn)
Stephannie McIntrye as (Store Clerk)
Kyle Secor
Joseph Julian Soria
David Aaron Baker as (Thomas Rosalane)
Portland Helmich as (Political Moderator)

Release Date: 01 July 2016
Production House: Universal Pictures
MPAA: Youth (R 13+)
Duration: Minutes
Country: United States

Movie Trailer The Purge Election Year (2016)

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