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Film Uptodate | Film Drama "Melbourne Rewind" is a film that comes from Indonesia with Drama and Romance genre. The film is directed by Danial Rifki and produced by Sunil Samtani. This film, starring former boyband personnel Indonesia Smesh namely Morgan Oey. This film rncananya will air in October 2016.

The film is adapted from the novel work entitled Winna Efendi Melbourne: Rewind. Novel works of Winna Efendi there has been made into a movie like Refrain and rmember When. Until now we do not have more information artists artists that play a role in this film.

Film Synopsis Melbourne Rewind (2016)

Melbourne Rewind came from the story of Max and Laura, two people who had a relationship and then parted. after a long separation, Laura, played by (Pamela Bowie), radio announcer who settled in Melbourne, returned to meet with Max, played by (Morgan Oey), which is his first love.

Fond memories of his past again flowed in his memory, bringing it back to all taste during the time he forgot, laura first love, but he is also a man who managed to make laura find a way of life.

Max build excitement Luara like Puzzle, then make laura intact as he is now. because of the split ego, Max returned to America to reach its goal of being lighting designer and they both finally agreed to build their dreams on the road respectively.

However unintentionally, Max again present when she was ready to forget Max and switch to another man. Evan, played by (Jovial da Lopez) a veterinarian who is also the girlfriend friend Cee played by (Aurelie Moeremans), now Laura is in two options which may be the most difficult in his life, choosing LOVE her friend or Continuing romance with Evan?

Review Synopsis Melbourne Rewind (2016)

Film Drama "Melbourne" background in Melbourne, Australia. Tells of two lovers who named Laura and Max, they undergo daily kehidupa tub as people who are dating. But their relationship then parted. After long periods of separation they were reunited by destiny. one of them expect the relationship they used to live could be repeated again. Could they be returned knit relationship back?

Cast and Crew Details Melbourne Film Rewind (2016)

Genre      : Drama, Romance
Producer : Sunil Samtani
Director  : Danial Rifki
Author    : Haqi Achmad
Actor      : Morgan Oey (Max),Pamela Bowie(Laura),
                 Aurelie Moeremans(Cecily),Jovial da Lopez(Evan Mulyadi).

Air Date: 17 November 2016
Production House: Rapi Films
MPAA: Youth (R 13+)
Country: Indonsia
Duration: Minutes

Trailer Film Melobourne Rewind (2016)

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