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Terjebak Nostalgia (2016)

Film Uptodate | Drama Film Indonesia "Stuck Nostalgia" is a film that comes from Indonesia with Drama and Romance genre. The latest film from artist Raisa was directed by Rako Prijanto and produced by Reza Hidayat. This movie starring gorgeous Indonesian artist Raisa, and opponent Cicho Jericho and Maruli Tampubolon. This film just released his trailer and will be shown in cinemas Indonesia on December 01, 2016

For those of you a big fan of Raisa must have been waiting waiting for the latest movie showtimes Raisa's. And please note Stuck Movie Nostalgia Raisa first debut in the acting world. At first glance this film will tell the story tentnag cintta of a true pair, but love is hampered because the man never returned to Indonesia. Thus making Raisa and Jericho followed Cicho love Raisa to Newy York, and there hubungfan another love.

Unuk where filming was conducted in Jakarta and New York. This film will also feature the polemics of the love triangle of Raisa, Cicho Jericho, and Maruli Tampubolon. Directed by Rako Prijanto last time directing films 3 Nafas Likas.

Poster Terjebak Nostalgia (2016)

Film Synopsis Stuck Nostalgia (2016)

Settling accidentally Raisa (Raisa Andriana) with his idol, Sora (Maruli Tampubolon), a talented pianist, growing until they were dating. Relations disturbed when ideals Sora to continue his musical studies to the Juilliard School of Music in New York accomplished because of the scholarship. They parted. The promise was spoken, that completed school Sora will work together to make an album of music for Raisa.

Two years later, with the same clothes when Sora drove to the airport, Raisa pick up his girlfriend. Flight from New York landed according to schedule, but Sora did not participate in the flight. Jasmine, Sora's mother, said she lost during the hurricane Sandy in New York.

Because you want to remove all the memories of Sora, Raisa writes all her feelings and put in a bottle washed away by the sea. Miraculously the letter was returned Sora from New York. Raisa curious and invite Reza (Chicco Jerikho), his best friend, to New York. In New York, the address Sora turned out to a city park. Raisa wrote back to Sora and get a reply back. This time a user location where Sora often take time. Raisa curiosity increases and write the next letter. This time, Raisa and Reza waiting in the garden city of New York, would like to know who will take the letter.

Postman appears with a letter, confused, and put the letter down on a park bench. Raisa and Reza keep watch even until night. While waiting to see who will take the letter, going from heart to heart conversation between Reza and Raisa. Reza felt that Raisa started coming out of his fantasy. They both fell asleep in the park until morning. The letter was still there. Raisa was disappointed and angry. Reza felt it was time to forge closer ties. Reza prepare dinner for them both. When the romance progresses, the postman brought a reply Sora.

Essentially Sora agreed to meet tomorrow at one o'clock in the park, Reza upset and make decisions that Raisa had to choose. Tomorrow go home with him or meet with Sora. Raisa was forced to make Reza disappointed. That afternoon, Raisa Sora sat waiting in the garden. Reza went to the airport to return to Jakarta. Postman appeared and handed a letter to Raisa. He read the letter. It contained all the answers to his search so far.

Poster New Terjebak Nostalgia (2016)

Indonesia Romance movie "Stuck Nostalgia" tells the story of two lovers that is true Raisa and Sora. They love each other and have a good happy dreams in the field of career and love them both.

But problems began when Sora went to New York to reach his goal, but had a long wait Sora never again returned to Jakarta and it makes Raisa became confused. Dreams of their love was now blocked by a very thick fog.

Raisa troubled went with a friend named Rezauntuk follows Sora to New York to find Sora. And a journey begins, the trip was brought to a Nostalgia Raisa. Is Raisa eventually managed to find Sora? Or are raised sense of love between Reza and Raisa?

Film Review Stuck Nostalgia (2016)

Drama movie "Stuck Nostalgia" will show you the beautiful girl Indonesia, Raisa with Jericho Cicho opponent who is experienced in acting. Raisa while still prime. Dreams of love and a career that Raisa lovers and Sora hampered a problem because Sora went to New York. Long wait, Raisa became confused, and he decided to meet together Reza Sora, but a journey sparked a Nostalgia. Raisa now stuck in Nostalgia.

Cast and Crew Film Details Stuck Nostalgia (2016)

Genre: Drama, Romance
Producer: Reza Hidayat
Director: Rako Prijanto
Writers: Anggoro Saronto
Actor :

Raisa Andriana ... Raisa
Chicco Jerikho ... Reza
Maruli Tampubolon ... Sora
Khiva Iskak ... Obin
Dewi Irawan ... Jasmine, ibu Sora
Robby Sugara ... Ayah Sora
Sapto Soetarjo ... Tukang pos
Saddam Basamalah ... Anak berlatih piano

Air Date: December 01, 2016
Production House: Oreima Pictures
MPAA: Youth (R 13+)
Duration: Minutes
Indonesian country

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Trailer Terjebak Nostalgia (2016)

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