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The Benefactor (2016)

Film Uptodate Review "The Benefactor" Movies Box Office The genre is drama. Generous movie in 2016 directed and written the script by Andrew Renzi And Produced By Thomas B. Fore, Jason Michael Berman Together Jay Shuminsky. A number of artists adorn the beautiful and handsome like a movie singer Theo James, Dakota Fanning, Richard Gere, and Clarke Peters. Singer movie will be aired in January 2016 Middle AT MORE exactly Date January 15, 2016.

Film Synopsis The Benefactor (2016)

Drama Box Office movie "The Benefactor" tells the story of a billionaire named Franny, but his aloof. Franny like to help support the social activities one of which supports one of the children's hospital. With solitude, there was already 5 years old he was silent in his luxury villa.

Franny loneliness causes occurred during the incident five years ago Franny were on a trip together couples who are close friends. Franny become a cause of the accident that caused the couple died. With the original intent was only joking, Franny hugged her friend who was driving the car from the back seat. Genesis were originally just for the pleasure of it turns into a terrible tragedy. Meanwhile Franny survived.

Five years have passed, a daughter of the couple named Mya, has grown into an adult. And he also was married to Bobby. Bobby is a doctor who is currently pursuing a career while Mya was pregnant. Their appearance makes Franny to integrate with them in order to make up for mistakes.

Film Review The Benefactor (2016)

The Benefactor is a story touching stories, with efforts Franny who wants to make many mistakes against Mya family. Franny which has the advantage of abundant treasures will make Franny make amends, but it was not easy for sure Franny find a problem that hinders.

Movie Cast and Crew Details The Benefactor (2016)

Genre: Drama
Producer: Thomas B. Fore, Jason Michael Berman, Jay Shuminsky
Director: Andrew Renzi
Screenwriter: Andrew Renzi
Actor :

Theo James as (Luke)
Dakota Fanning as (Olivia)
Richard Gere as (Franny)
Clarke Peters as (Dr. Romano)
Maria Breyman as (Shot Girl)
Marko Caka as (Party Guest)
Brian Anthony Wilson as (Jesse)
Erica Lynne Arden as (Sexy Girl Shot)
Jennifer Butler as (Gala Staff)
Lyssa Roberts as (Molly)
Andrea Havens as (Franny's Wealthy Friends)
Tibor Feldman as (Dr. Sam)
Rory Ogden as (Child Playing)
Roy James Wilson as (Charlie)
Michele Everwine as (Shot Girl)

Air Date: January 15, 2016
Production House: Big Shoes Media, Audax Films, Magnolia Entertainment, Soaring Fight Production
Duration: 92 Minutes
MPAA: Youth (R 13+)
Country: United States

Movie Trailer The Benefactor (2016)

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