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Untuk Angelina (2016) - Review

The film "For Angelina" is the latest drama movie based on a true story. The film will be directed by Jito Banyu and Laila Lele Nurazizah.

For Angelina's movie starring Naomi Ivo, Roweina Umboh, Teuku Rifnu Wikana, and Kinaryosih. Biography genre film is scheduled to be produced by the production house Citra Viusal Cinema and will be aired July 21, 2016 in Indonesia

Film Synopsis for Angelina (2016)

The film "For Angelina" This will tell you about a married couple banyuwangi origin. He lived under the poverty, pregnancy time treading 8 months, Midah decided to move to Bali to follow her husband who works as a construction worker.

A month later when childbirth was ntiba, Samidah gave birth to a female, but unfortunately due to a fate not siding Santo Midah and her husband can not pay off the hospital costs are so high.

Midah husband met John a foreign citizen, who was with his wife. Santo asked for help John with the requirement to make up for the cost of their children's hospitals must also be adopted.

In the letter of agreement, Midah and Santo are not allowed to meet with his biological child after the age of 18 years. Finally, they agreed on the agreement, and John and his wife Terry to carry the child and give the name Angeline.

John is very fond of Angeline and treated him like his own child. At that time they already have a boy aged 9 Year named Kevin, and Kevin seems to not like the presence of Angeline.

When the 9-year-old Angeline, John meningga of a heart attack, he stayed with terry and kevin, Angeline always obey all that Terry said, he was treated unreasonably sepeninggalan John. Until finally, Angeline said to disappear.

On the other hand Midah who already collect the money after 9 years had met Angeline send money to her husband Santo, hoping he could redeem Angeline but apparently Santo instead remarried with another woman. Midah do not know how to do let alone other than when Angeline baby armed with a photo.

Till one night, the police came knocking home Midah, and ask Midah come to the hospital, when they arrived at the hospital actually cuts heart feeling Midah see his son's body lying lifeless stiff, Angeline he had just seen three days after birth.

Riview Movie To Angeline (2016)

The film "To Angeline" tells the true story about the life of Angeline. He is the son of Midah and Santo who was born in a hospital in Bali. But when labor the couple can not pay off the hospital costs are so expensive.

Santo also met with John and Terry foreigners who settled in Bali, he asked for help, but John and Terry wants to help with the requirement that the daughter would be their adoption and to pay all hospital bills.

Angeline finally brought by the family of John, John is very dear to Angeline and treated him like his own child. Until John died of a heart attack, sepeninggalan John Angeline unnatural treated there.

Until one day Midah already collecting money to redeem Angeline, he gave money to Santo him but instead he married again, armed with a photo when an infant Angeline Angeline Midah keep looking.

On one night the police came to his house and asked to come to the hospital, how shocked he was when the child lying lifeless it was his daughter, he was very depressed and hopeless, until the time comes Midah allow the departure of Angeline her hope that her daughter is being embraced and guarded by angels and Midah struggling to find out who actually can kill his daughter.

Details and Cast Film For Angeline (2016)

Title: To Angeline
Genre: Biography, Drama
Director: Jito Banyu
Screenplay: Laila Lele Nurazizah
Producer: Niken Septikasari, Duke Rachmat
Production: Visual Imagery Cinema
Release Date; July 21, 2016
Indonesian country
Naomi Ivo
Roweina Umboh
Teuku Rifnu Wikana

Trailler Movie To Angeline (2016)

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