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WINTER IN TOKYO (2016) - Review 2016

The film was a WINTER IN TOKYO adaptation of the bestselling novel by Ilana.

WINTER IN TOKYO (2016) - Review 2016
Of course, the appearance of this film is eagerly awaited novel lovers Ilana Tan. Under the direction of director Dawn Bustomi, films Winter In Tokyo filming in Japan as the background story in the novel.

And since the beginning of this year Pamela Bowie (one player WINTER IN TOKYO) was busy with the filming process WINTER IN TOKYO. Bringing an emotional story, in fact, a girl who is often called Pammy it feel heavy pressure coming from the fans Ilana Tan.

"A lot of pressure involved WINTER IN TOKYO. A lot of criticism from fans authors also lest ngecewain kayak existing book difilmin previously (SUNSHINE Becomes YOU). I did not create hell wrote that message, but for producers and other players. So fitting filming in Tokyo, when uploading photos on Instagram sometimes excited anyway how the fans reaction, "he said when met at the Senopati area, South Jakarta, some time ago.

The heavy pressure came not without reason considering the many criticisms of the fans Ilana Tan on acting Nabilah JKT48 SUNSHINE Becomes YOU were deemed far from expectations. Do not want to be criticized like Nabilah JKT48, Pamela was trying to make it as a benchmark in acting.

"Now that he pressure on me. Ngecewain scared because so many said so (acting Nabilah does not meet expectations). Not how-how, but I made this as a reference just to be better and not disappoint, "continued the former movie star AFTER SCHOOL HORROR it.

But when asked if the character he played in the film WINTER IN TOKYO exists in another novel Ilana Tan, boyfriend Joshua Suherman was also claimed not to know. Only, Pamela did not close the door if it is later she again asked to appear in the film adaptation of the novel next Ilana Tan.

"I do not know. Character I named Keiko in WINTER IN TOKYO's got a twin of the name Naomi. Well, Naomi appeared in the novel Spring In London. Just no news will difilmin sure, but if asked to play again why not, "he concluded.

This film is about Keiko (Pamela Bowie) girl nerdy librarian, who lives in suburban Tokyo apartment. But Keiko's life suddenly become colored since the presence of her new neighbor, Kazuto (Dion Wiyoko).

Togetherness is passed on throughout the winter has sown the seeds of love in the hearts of Kazuto. Only, he had to swallow the bitter pill because Keiko chose Akira (Morgan Oey). Until one day, Kazuto lost his memory and make a conscious Keiko have feelings of love for her neighbor.

A series of star involved in the film production and Maxima Pictures Unlimited Production this. They are Pamela Bowie, Dion Wiyoko, Morgan Oey, Kimberly Ryder, Brandon Salim, and Ferry Salim. Curious as to what the story, WINTER IN TOKYO begin running simultaneously in cinemas on August 11, 2016.


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