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Film The Last Barongsai (2017)

Film uptodate | The Last Lion Dance is a newest movie from Indonesia 2017 Drama genre. The movie will be directed by Ario Rubbik together screenwriter named Titien Watiwena.

Film The Last Lion Dance will be starring Dion Wiyoko, Rano Karno, Tyo Pakusadewo, Aziz Stuttering and Vinesa Inez. The movie will be shaded by the house and planned production Karnos movie aired on the 26th of January 2017 (Indonesia).

Film Synopsis The Last Lion (2017)
Film The Last Lion Dance will tell about about Kho Huan (Tyo Pakusadewo) whose face appeared unrest think of the invitation letter he was reading. The letter was an invitation to a lion dance championship.

Each year there is always a letter of invitation to attend the lion dance championship, but the letters were never opened, not read. On the other hand, Agun (Dion Wiyoko) boys only Kho Huan glued to read the letter and his face visible excitement.

Kho Huan instead wanted to scream to vent feelings of excitement. The notification regarding his application for a scholarship at Nanyang University Singapore granted. However, the date of which requires re-registration makes Agun upset.

The re-registration date together with the date of commencement of lion dance championship. Aguan confusion, what happens when he picked his dream by leaving the lion dance studio owned by his father?

Then when he stayed with his ideal of how ?. Kho Huan think hard to find that their children can go to school and pick her dream to Singapore. Kho Huan had to forgo invitations lion dance championship and allowed to re-let the invitation letter lying in a drawer.

Detail Film The Last Barongsai (2017)
Judul : The Last Barongsai
Genre : Drama
Sutradara : Ario Rubbik
Produser : Rano Karno
Penulis Skenario : Titien Watiwena
Rumah Produksi : Karnos Film
Tanggal Rilis : 26 Januari 2017 (Indonesia)
Negara : Indonesia
Bahasa Film : Indonesia

Pemain Film Last Barongsai (2017)
  • Dion Wiyoko
  • Rano Karno
  • Tyo Pakusadewo
  • Aziz Gagap
  • Vinesa Inez
  • Furry Citra Dellina
  • Henky Solaiman

Trailler Film The Last Lion (2017)

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