Thursday, December 29, 2016

Film Mengejar Embun ke Eropa (2016)

Film uptodate | Pursuing Dew to Europe is the latest movie from Indonesia a 2016 drama genre. This film is a directive of the director Haryo Sentanu Murti, who also serves as screenwriter along N Riantiarno.

Mengejar Dew to Europe will be starring Rizky Hanggono, Ayudya daughter, Roberta Salzano, Irma Magara and Danin Dharma. This film will be shaded by the production house PT. Natural Media Puskat Picture. The film will be released on December 15, 2016 (Indonesia).

Film Synopsis Chasing Dew to Europe (2016)
Mengejar Dew to Europe will tell about the habits of children on the island of Muna, South East Sulawesi. They live in the water crisis started the day with dew bath before going to school.

Puro (Rizky Hanggono) and Ani (Princess Ayudya) is a subsidiary on the island of Muna, whose childhood could bathe if there is dew. They were running around in the garden of cassava to get the morning dew.

They are the children of cultivators whose life is very simple. They are both children of the island Mina who had the good fortune, to be successful and achieve his dream until they grow up.

Puro and Ani met in a traditional dance ceremony a thanksgiving celebration. Their love also continues into marriage. Fostering harmonious household full of tenderness. Good luck accompanies Puro and delivered to Europe, namely Rome.

There, he discovered other cultures are beautiful, in addition to local culture, where he met with Roberta Dutch girl who has a beautiful face. However Puro keep love and loyalty to his wife Ani living in Kendari.

Upon their return from Europe, Puro work at the University of Eight Corners Wind Kendari (UDPA). But its efforts to improve the work ethic for the lecturers as well as to combat manipulation of values ​​which have resulted in detached himself from the post of Head of Department of Social Economics.

But the loyalty and dedication to UDPA Puro and superiors, never subsided. Puro responsibility for my response gets worse when he was believed to be the rector. Besides also known as the lead university campus builders demo.

Puro was running resistance against the thuggery on campus, involving all potential campus and network with outside parties.

For their efforts and hard work done Puro and can show results. Change for change to happen, and the success of Natural Resources (Human Resources) in the Campus UDPA remind Puro in the habit of bathing in the morning with dew on leaves in pursuing cassava.

Trailer Film Mengejar Embun ke Eropa (2016)

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