Thursday, December 29, 2016

Film Senjakala di Manado (2016)

Film uptodate | Twilight in Manado is an Indonesian movie latest 2016-Romantic Drama genre. This film is directed by Dean Pusung with two of screenwriter named Rahabi Mandra and Kevin Anderson.

These Manado Twilight movie starring Micah Tambayong, Fero Walandouw, Rima Melati and Ray Sahetapy. While the production house Production Marapati will overshadow the film and aired on December 1, 2016 (Indonesia).

Film Synopsis Twilight in Manado (2016)
Twilight movie in Manado will tell about a man without a strong and ongoing among people in a lobby of Sam Ratu Langi Airport in Manado, North Sulawesi. The man is Johnny WW Lengkong.

He named Johnny who worked as a sailor and eventually return to the homeland after 20 years Manado leave his family. He also wants to redeem his love that had been squandered. He hopes Oma Marlene to her mother and his wife Lucy were abandoned at night first marriage to accept and forgive.

But apparently Johny wife Lucy had died leaving a
 child beautiful girl named Pingkan. Johny also feel guilty and responsible and caring for Pingkan.

Pingkan during this knowing that the Father had long died at sea, because he left during still in infancy. But he continued to recognize and accept the presence of her father back.

Not easy for Johnny to give happiness to his family, especially for his only daughter Pingkan. Pingkan feel the presence of even interfere Johny love life with a man named Brando.

Johny already know that Brando is not a good man for Pingkan, he never saw Brando along with a young woman who was drunk at a Pub in the evening. Johny not want when his daughter later only to be mocked by Brando.

Conflicts occur between Johnny and Pingkan. Although Pingkan has always wanted the figure of my father, but not the father figure that prohibits all will. Then what kind of end of the story of this movie? Johny will kah and Pingkan will get along again? and Pingkan will shun Brandon? Watch enayangan more simply at your favorite Cinemas on December 1, 2016 (Indonesia).

Trailler Film Senjakala di Manado (2016)

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