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Film Surga di Telapak Kaki Ibu (2016)

Heaven on Mother's Foot is an Indonesian film Drama genre. This film is a directive of the director Soni Gaokasak together screenwriter named Anggoro Saronto.

Film Heaven on Mother's Feet, starring Jessica Mila, Kevin Julio, Unique Priscilla Mauretha, Dewi Hughes, Tasman Taher and Bucek Depp. This film will be shaded by the production house K-Pro Films and aired on 24 November 2016 (Indonesia).

Film Synopsis Heaven on Mother's Foot (2016)
Film Heaven on Mother's Feet will tell you about a woman named denay (Jessica Mila). She is a girl from Minang and continued his studies in the city. His life was changed after Jakarta.

Mother denay (Unique Prisilla) through life in his hometown, but one time he thought of his daughter and could not resist the longing to meet with denay. Finally mother denay followed denay to Jakarta.

Bundo very surprised after he did not meet his daughter in a boarding house ever. Denay've moved to a new boarding conditions are much different from the old boarding house that used in swatch by bundo to denay.

In place of a new boarding denay, bundo saw a man coming out of a dorm room denay female friend. Bundo began to suspect the new boarding denay which is not good for him. Even one night, there was a man who slipped into the room denay.

It instantly makes Mother denay wonder, however denay answered with gelagap and with words that really made her angry and hurt shock. Could not help feeling, Bundo finally returned to his hometown in New York City.

Bundo sister named Hanifa (Dewi Hughes) requested that Bundo denay relented and sent back to the village. Bundo be harsh but forbade him to go home. Quietly Hanifah plan and update the denay that Bundo is experiencing ill.

Denay homecoming to his hometown create new problems, ranging from Bundo who intend for denay remain in the village until Amri expressed his love for denay. Finally denay know if his aunt Hanifa lied to him about Bundo ill.

Bundo also hurt knowing his son came home because he thought he was ill. The situation worsened when denay admitted that he never graduated from college. Denay not dare apologize to Bundo.

Whenever he wants to apologize lips taste lamented. Until finally denay returned to Jakarta and said apologies were never spoken. There was only the tears that silently fell when his own because she was unable to say.

Film Details Heaven on Mother's Foot (2016)
Title: Heaven on Mother's Feet
Genre: Drama
Director: Soni Gaokasak
Writers: Anggoro Saronto
Producer: Lucia Goni
Production House: K-Pro Film
Release Date: 24 November 2016 (Indonesia)
Origin: Indonesia
Language Film: Indonesia

Players Film Heaven on Mother's Foot (2016)
Jessica Mila
Kevin Julio
Unique Priscilla Mauretha
Dewi Hughes
Tasman Taher
Bucek Depp
Susan Sameh
princess Anne

Trailler Film Heaven on Mother's Foot (2016)

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