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Film Demi Cinta (2017)

Demi Cinta is the latest movie from Indonesia in 2017 Drama-Comedy genre. This film is a directive of the director Azhar "kinoi" Lubis together screenwriter named Syamsul Hadi and Fatmaningsih Bustamar.

For the Love of this movie starring Ricky Harun, Tora Sudiro, Farali Khan, Titi Kamal, Nasya Marcella, Barry Prima, Verdi Solaiman and Oki Setiana Goddess. MNC Pictures production house will overshadow the film and plan views on January 19, 2017 (Indonesia).

Film Synopsis For Love (2017)
For the Love of this movie will be told about a man named Good (Ricky Harun) with his friend named Masbin (Tora Sudiro). They both are two cousins ​​who behave sacrifice everything just to get love.

Nice story put his heart beginning to a very pretty girl named Cempaka (Farali Khan) who lived in the apartment sebelan their home. Then Masbin said to Nice, if he wants to get a girl, Nice to be level with the girl.

Given Nice is unemployed and just graduated from high school, and Cempaka bekeja as secretary director, then to get her love is totally impossible for Good.

Nice looking for a way to quickly wealthy is by accepting an offer from Syamsudin (Teuku Rifnu Wikana) to work for Toni Montana (Barry Prima). Especially now Cempaka being approached by a wealthy man.

With the support of Masbin, Nice and then receive bids from Syamsudin. But apparently Toni did not blindly accept both of them to work with him. With reason they must be possessed of evil thoughts.

As a result they committed the crime for the first time they do in life, but instead everything becomes a mess. They are stuck on a runaway ridiculous. But their escape nevertheless originated from Nice to get a new love of a beautiful girl named Sandra (Nasya Marcella).

Not to be outdone, Masbin also met with Amara (Titi Kamal) and then fall in love with him. Although it turned out to be the seed of their love even gets them to a situation that is increasingly difficult and complicated.

Now Nice back mempertayakan sacrifice his love for cempaka or for Sandra. Who are then later that he get? Watch more impressions on January 19, 2017 (Indonesia).

Film Details For Love (2017)
Title: For the Love
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Director: Azhar Lubis Kinoy
Writers: Syamsul Hadi, Fatmaningsih Bustamar
Producer: Deni Dirmansyah
Production House: MNC Pictures
Film Distributor: MNC Pictures
Release Date: January 19, 2017 (Indonesia)
Origin: Indonesia
Language Film: Indonesia

Players Film For Love (2017)
Ricky Harun
Tora Sudiro
Farali Khan
Titi Kamal
Nasya Marcella
Barry Prima
Verdi Solaiman
Oki Setiana Dewi
Teuku Rifnu Wikana
Agra svar Nabhumi
Ibob Tarin

Trailler Film Demi Cinta (2017)

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