Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Film Petualangan Singa Pemberani Atlantos 2 (2017)

Brave Lion adventure Atlantos 2 is the latest film from Indonesia in 2017 Animation-Adventure genre. This film is a directive of the director Lee croudy together screenwriter named Word Halim and Vishnu Hartandi.

Daring Adventure Film Lions Atlantos 2 will be starring Leads Nidji, Andhika Pratama, Sani, Hamzah, Ari Dagink and Day. While Batavia Pictures production house will overshadow the film and released on January 5, 2017 (Indonesia).

Film Synopsis Atlantos Brave Lion Adventure 2 (2017)
Daring Adventure Film Lions Atlantos 2 will tell about the adventures of Paddle Pop along with his friends under the sea. Narrated in the film will be the return of the Shadow Master along Sea Pearls strength is very great.

Greatness Shadow Master may drown the world, and to defeat Paddle Pop and his friends venture into the ocean and find the Magus is a legendary lion is capable of controlling the power of the ocean.

Sea pearl is a pearl that is formed from two pieces of pearl (pearl pearl Destroyer and Creator). The pearl was successfully held by the Shadow Master at the end of the story Paddle Pop Atlantos first.

Time owned by Paddle Pop is not much longer and requires them to have recourse to the general Khan to find Magus, because the fate of the world is now in their hands.

What kind of Paddle Pop the fun adventures with his friends in finding Magus? Whether they will succeed against Shadow Master and save the world? Watch serving more just in your favorite movies.

Brave Lion Adventure Film Detail Atlantos 2 (2017)
Title: Adventure of the Lion Brave Atlantos 2
Genre: Adventure, Animation, Family
Director: Lee croudy
Writers: Word Halim, Vishnu Hartandi
Production House: Batavia Pictures
Film Distributor: Batavia Pictures
Release Date: January 5, 2017 (Indonesia)
Origin: Indonesia
Language Film: Indonesia

Daring Adventure Film Lions players Atlantos 2 (2017)
Leads Nidji
Andhika Pratama
Ari Dagink

 Trailler Film Petualangan Singa Pemberani Atlantos 2 (2017)

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