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I Love You From 38.000 Feet (2016)

The film "I Love You From 38,000 Feet" is the latest Indonesian movie-romantic drama genre. The film will directed by Asep Kusdinar and Sukhdev as a screenwriter together Wicky V. Olindo and shaded Screenplay Films production house.

Movies I Love You From 38,000 Feet, starring Michele Ziudith, Rizky Nazar, Derby Romero, Ricky Weather and Tanta Ginting. The film will be released on 5 June 2016.

Film Synopsis I Love You From 38,000 Feet (2016)

The film "I Love You From 38,000 Feet" will tell you about a woman named Aletta (Michelle Ziudith), a girl singles gentility that are cheerful and adventurous. One time he was given permission to go on vacation kebali alone.

In air travel, Aletta met the handsome man named Arga (Rizky Nazar), who suddenly sat beside him as the plane flew 38,000 feet, its presence makes Alletta some relief due to interference from a guy Alay.

Aletta closeness with arga continue until at Bali, as they work together for a television program. Arga initially reticent attitude had made Aletta overwhelmed seek attention Arga. Until finally an unexpected incident on the set makes arga confess her feelings to Aletta.

Aletta Arga sure that it is men who are destined by God to be her future husband. But, after their return to Jakarta Aletta Arga suddenly disappeared without a word. Arga has never fulfilled its promise to follow Aletta to Jakarta. Arga departure somewhere making Aletta hit and forced to accept the proposal dhito, but in his heart, still hoping arga come Aletta keep all its promises.

Riview Movies I Love You From 38,000 Feet (2016)

The film "I Love You From 38,000 Feet" This story of a woman named Alettayang met with Arga on the way on the plane at 38,000 feet ketinggia. From the beginning Aletta already fallen in love * with figure arga. They were then reunited when working together on a television program in Bali. Arga initially did not dare reveal his heart to Aletta, but after a long time he had dared to express.

Their return from Bali to Jakarta turned out to be the beginning of their separation, Arga disappeared without a word. Arga Where to go? Why Arga not keep his promise? Is there anyone else in life Arga? Watch the next story on June 5 2016 in your favorite movies.

Details and Casting Film I Love You From 38,000 Feet (2016)

Title: I Love You From 38,000 Feet
Genre: Drama, Romance
Director: Asep Kusdinar
Author: Sukhdev Singh, Wicky V. Olindo
Production: Legacy Pictures, Screenplay Films
Indonesian country
Release Date: July 5, 2016
Michelle Ziudith
Rizky Nazar
Derby Romero
Ricky Weather
Ira Wibowo
Aline Adita
Verrell Bramasta
Amanda Rawles
Hendrik Lionil
Tata Ginting

Trailler Movies I Love You From 38,000 Feet (2016)

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