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Film Iron Sky : The Coming Race (2017)

Iron Sky: The Coming Race is an origin of the latest film germany 2017 genre Action, Adventure and Comedy. This film is a directive of the director Timo Vuorensola together screenwriter named Dalan Musson.

Movie Iron Sky: The Coming Race will be starring Lara Rossi, Vladimir Burlakov, Kit Dale, Tom Green, Julia Dietze, Edward Judge, and Martin Swabey. This film will be shaded by the production house Iron Sky Universe, 27 Films Production and Potemkino. This movie is planned aired in mid-2017 (Germany).

Iron Sky Film Synopsis: The Coming Race (2017)
Movie Iron Sky: The Coming Race will tell about the events of Iron Sky exactly 20 years ago. Where Earth has been devastated by nuclear war, the only former Nazi Moonbase has become the last refuge of humanity.

Many years human colonies that were formed with its own fascist government and religion including Jobists, cult which also formed around the teachings of Steve Jobs and their leader (Tom Green).

Aging happens deteriorating and also caused damage to the month also caused by a nuclear war. Obi Washington (Lara Rossi), the daughter of Renate Richter (Julia Dietze) and James Washington.

They found no other human survivors in the town and hid under tanaha in the center of the earth by the means to save the base, they decided to travel to Earth to seek help.

Community groups explorers survivors find in the center of the earth is not even human, they stumble upon a prehuman world of dinosaurs and ordered by Vril.

They are a race reptlian led by Adolf Hitller in the form of a reptile. Actually, among others, former human rulers who all Reptilians under human skin them all together.

They also control human rule for hundreds of years, waiting for the right moment to strike against the surface of the human population to ensure the destruction of all humanity and securing the dominance of reptiles on the planet.

The truth behind the creation of man will be revealed when the old enemy leads our heroes on an adventure to Hollow Eart. To save human civilization they have to fight and defeat the Vril.

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Iron Sky Movie Details: The Coming Race (2017)
Title: Iron Sky: The Coming Race
Genre: Action, Adventure and Comedy
Director: Timo Vuorensola
Writers: Dalan Musson
Book Author: Jarmo Pushka
Production House: Iron Sky Universe, 27 Films Production, Potemkino
Distributor: Twin, Atlas International Film and Entertainment GEM
Origin: Germany
Release Date: TBA 2017 (Germany)

Players movie Iron Sky: The Coming Race (2017)
Lara Rossi
Vladimir Burlakov
kit Dale
Tom Green
Julia Dietze
Judge Edward
Martin Swabey
Emily Atack
Udo Kier
John Flanders
Stephanie Paul
James Quinn
Jukka Hilden
Lloyd Li
Amanda Wolzak

Trailler film Iron Sky: The Coming Race (2017)

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