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Promise (2016) (Review)

Promise merupakan film asal Indonesia bergenre Drama-Romance. Film ini akan digarap oleh sutradara Asep Kusdinar bersama dua penulis skenario bernama Sukhdev Singh dan Tisa TS.

Film "Promise" ini akan dibintangi oleh Dimas Anggara, Amanda Rawles, Bow William dan juga Mikha Tambayong. Sementara Screenplay Films akan bekerja sama dengan Legacy Pictures sebagai rumah produksi film ini yang rencananya akan dirilis pada TBA Oktober 2016 mendatang (Indonesia).

Film Synopsis Promise (2016)

Film '' Promise "This will tell you about a man named Rahman who came from Yogyakarta and had a handsome face. But even then he is a figure of a man is simple and also funny.

Rahman is very different from Aji his friend, he is a man playboy who hooked mutually couple. On the other hand, Rahman Aji always wanted to be like him today.

On the other hand, Rahman Aji always wanted to be like him, in order to feel love and have a broad view. How to change Aji Rahman became Rahman early life changing drastically.

One night, an incident made my father angry with Rahman Rahman and Rahman seajk the incident never again meet with Aji. Time passed until 18 months later, Rahman is now studying in the city of Mila (Italy).

Rahman also worked part-time disebuah store. Moza college friend of Rahman, he has a special feeling to Rahman. However Moza prefer to hold it, but it Moza also saw something in life Rahman that to this day he does not know what that something was.

Kanya, Java mulatto girl who since childhood has lived in Europe. He was forced to return to his hometown in Yogyakarta to accept the will of the mother. Besides mother also hope Kanya not go back to Europe and continue to stay in Jogja to execute the will.

Salsabila is one of the students educated in boarding her father Rahman, who fell in love to Country Rahman and Salsabila entrust letters to Aji so he gave it to Rahman. Until one night Rahman received a phone call and turns of Aji.

Rahman felt the strangeness of her friend, both meeting not like before anymore and new Moza Rahman know who the actual figure, he also knows who Rahman women who choose to love.

Like what the full story Rahman? Will whether he loves Moza or Salsabila? Watch the broadcast on TBA October 2016 (Indonesia) only at your favorite Cinemas.

Film Review Promise (2016)

The film "Promise" will narrate the life and love experienced by Rahman (Dimas Anggara) from the city of Yogjakarta. He had a close friend named Aji. Narrated Rahman moved to Milan (Italy) to continue his studies while working part-time at one of the shops.

There he had a girlfriend named Moza (Micah Tambayong0 who always had the feeling more to Rahman, but Moza see there is a puzzle in the living Rahman that he himself did not know the answer.

Likewise with Salsabila (Rose De Jongh) is one of the students at the school his father Rahamn who falls in love with Rahman and sent letters through Aji. Aji Rahman then called and made an appointment. Moza Rahman knew who was, and who the woman he loves.

Promise is a film from Indonesia-Romance Drama genre. The film will be directed by Asep Kusdinar with two screenwriters named Sukhdev Singh and Tisa TS.

The film "Promise" will be starring Anggara Dimas, Amanda Rawles, Bow William and Micah Tambayong. While Screenplay Films will work with Legacy Pictures as film production is scheduled to be released in the upcoming October 2016 TBA (Indonesia).

Detail and Cast Film Promise (2016)

Judul : Promise
Genre : Drama, Romance
Sutradara : Asep Kusnidar
Penulis : Sukhdev Sing, Tis Ts
Produser : Sukhdev Sing, Wicky V. Olindo
Produksi : Screenplay Films, Legacy Pictures
Tanggal Rilis : TBA Oktober 2016 (Indonesia)
Negara : Indonesia
Bahasa Film : Indonesia
Pemain :

  • Dimas Anggara
  • Amanda Rawles
  • Boy William
  • Mikha Tambayong
  • Mawar Eva De Jong

Trailler Film Promise (2016)

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